#WobblesWednesday – Kickin’ butt!

(This has been me this morning, gingerly stepping on the scales)

Kate at nakedmum.co.uk is having a little blogging break so I’m hosting #WobblesWednesday for the next couple of weeks for her.

It’s an online support group – founded by Kate at the start of this year – to support bloggers wanting to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. We share tips, comments and support, anyone is welcome to join. Please link up below and tweet using the #WobblesWednesday.

I’ve had a few weeks off, to deal with a family matter – you can read about it here – hopefully we are over the worst and I’m back, kicking my big butt…well, up the butt and motivating myself again.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been an absolute piggie during the last few weeks but I am emotional eater and, boy, have I been through some emotions! Speed-eating Maltesers had become a speciality, not any more.

I’ve managed to gain 2lb since I last weighed myself, some might be water, most of it is Maltesers(!) but there is still a loss of 1stone 3lb since January.

My new motivation has kicked off with a two-week trial of Aspire, a calorie-burning drink. I started on these yesterday and (a few burps aside, sorry) all is going well. I’m looking forward to seeing how they help me.


The last few weeks have been so horribly tense that I haven’t been relaxed enough to listen to the slimpods, again renewed motivation is stepping in from this week.

There is only one person who can change me and that is me. I started googling things like Lighter Life and Cambridge diets on Monday, before administering that proverbial kick-up-the-butt. With the summer holidays looming, I need a positive mindset for the children, they do not need a Mumma draining herself with a liquid-only diet.

So, that’s me, putting my hand up and saying “hello, I’m back and how is everyone?”.

The linky – if I’ve done it right – is below, please leave a comment/your post with how your week has gone. I am so grateful for the support over the last few weeks, it’s time to “pay it forward”.

(Next week’s post will be from a new site – ditchflabgetfab.com, the autism blog and this blog are moving over, being hosted by Overblog, it’s all a tad exciting!) if you’re reading this by email, please make sure you subscribe to continue to receive posts.

Anyway, that’s me, I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone’s week has been, thanks for reading and for the support Jx 😘



Fat Family Tree #WobblesWednesday

Even though it’s Thursday, I’m linking this in with the Wobbles Wednesday support group, founded by Kate at the nakedmum.co.uk as I found the programme very interesting.

Here’s the 4 on demand link to the programme.

I took some notes whilst I was watching, once a PA, always a PA and they’re below:

The programme focused on a mother and her two daughters, all overweight, with a family history of excessive weight. The grandchildren of the family were heading that way too unfortunately and bullying had already started.

The adult females had all gained weight from teens onwards and were concerned as they’d tried diets without success and there was a history of weight-related illnesses and deaths in the close family. The mother/grandmother had recently been told she was on the verge of diabetes, almost certainly weight-related.

The purpose of the programme was to look at the women’s genes and create a science-based diet that would (hopefully) reduce their weight and a lifestyle change that could both be adhered to and reduce the risk of weight-related illness.

The scientists were predominantly testing for “fat” genes which:

* affect how signals are sent to brain to say when full,
* genes that affect where you store fat, * genes that test how much pleasure you get from eating,
* genes that encourage over eating.

The test results agreed that the women had the “fat” genes and, as such, there was a high likelihood that the grandchildren did too.

The idea of the scientific diet was to reduce the amount of fat consumed and refined carbs which don’t create feeling of fullness.

The diet rules were:

1. Look out for hidden fat ie 3 tablespoons worth in granula cereal

2. Walking helps cut the amount of fat levels in the blood by up to 38%, take more steps!

3. If you must snack, go for fermenting carbs

Choose foods that will keep you fuller for longer.

Choose the right type of carbs, unrefined carbs ie porridge.

Refined carbs leave stomach quicker so you feel hungry quicker. Examples of refined carbs are white bread, white pasta, cake and crisps.
Change to: Fermenting carbs (gas producing!) as they keep you fuller for longer!

4. Drinks don’t trigger the fullness signals that food does, food stretches your stomach.

Eat your fruit rather than drink it.

So additionally: cut out the liquid calories because they do not fill you up.

The women all followed the diet for 4 months, all reported a weight loss and the mother/grandmother’s diabetes risk had gone.

I found the programme very interesting and the benefits and results for the women were very visible.

The Rules detailed above are certainly easy to follow and I know most people will think “aah, common sense” but the fact it was a scientific experiment made it interesting viewing.



#WobblesWednesday – Taking a step back

I don’t like doing this and this is not stopping the lifestyle change or the wish to raise sponsorship money, it’s me taking a step back for a few weeks from the added pressure of jumping on the scales.

One of my close relatives has cancer, there, I’ve typed it.

There is no radiotherapy or chemotherapy available and an operation is currently deemed too risky as they may not survive it. This will be reviewed in a few weeks.

I can’t tell the children because they wouldn’t understand and I’ve written this on number 2 blog as certain people who disapprove of my blogging wouldn’t see it.

I’ll still read and comment on everyone else’s and, you never know, I might come back in a few weeks with an incredible loss (I’m not diving feet first into chocolate but have turned into a bit of a carb monster).

I’m finding it difficult to stay positive when the situation seems bleak but these two are keeping me going:


Thank you Jx

#WobblesWednesday – Stacking up the dominoes …


It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk, sharing how my last week has gone with the other ladies on our journeys to a healthier lifestyle.

The picture above sums up my week really, there’s a domino for my autistic daughter, my high functioning autistic son, my husband, my family member who has been diagnosed with something serious, money etc etc. It goes on, one flick of the finger and it would all topple. But I won’t let it.
Life is all about taking the rough with the smooth, the highs and the lows.

But, unlike previously, I haven’t sought solace in a chocolate bar and I’ve lost a lb this week. Despite a meal out for my daughter for her birthday, despite the birthday cake which is still in the fridge.

Onwards and downwards is the mantra now. I’m looking forward to receiving and starting with the Slimpod CDs when they arrive later on this week and seeing how everyone else has got on.


#WobblesWednesday – Little (?) Miss Forgetful


Oh blimey, I think my lack of sleep is catching up with me. I forgot to weigh myself this morning, genuinely. I remembered on the school run and that was obviously too late. Similarly, I forgot to get guinea pig food yesterday as the little squeakers will remind me shortly. Added to list for later.

I don’t think the week has gone too badly, I seem newly motivated after last week’s blip and hopefully that will reflect in next week’s figures.

I’m also waiting for my Thinking Slimmer CDs to arrive and establishing a routine whereby I listen to them daily. I’ve heard very positive feedback about them from Jane and Shell and hopefully they’ll be a useful tool.

If I can remember them (!), my top tips for the week would be:

Make sure there’s healthy options in the fridges and cupboards. Chopped up carrots, peppers, oat cakes etc.

Feeling peck ish? Have a cup of coffee/glass of sugar-free squash and then decide.

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk, and looking forward to reading how everyone else has done.

Now, I’m off to write some lists….


#WobblesWednesday – dodging those storm clouds!

I very nearly didn’t link up with #WobblesWednesday this week, a support network started in January by Kate at nakedmum.co.uk.


Why? Because for the first time this year I have gained since last week:


Making my loss so far this year: 1stone 4lbs.

But the support network is such that, this happens, we all offer advice and support, it’s a little community.

I could blame it on water retention leading up to time of the month, I could sit here and say I was forced to eat those carb-heavy foods at the weekend. But I wasn’t and one thing I’ve always said to myself is to be honest in my blogs.

It was a lack of willpower and motivation, pure and simple. No one to blame but me.



Taking a positive speel:

There’s an overall loss since the beginning of the year, am I going to let my first gain get me down? No! The countdown to next week starts here and now.

We are all healthy, yes my children might be registered disabled (autism) but we can all laugh and smile, especially in the better weather. I couldn’t be prouder of my children, they overcome so much every day.

I have a lot to be grateful for and I know it.

Looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts. Jx


#WobblesWednesday – if “You are what you eat”, what am I?

It’s Wednesday once again and I’m linking up with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk for Wobbles Wednesday.

I’ll start with the good news:

1lb lost this week, making my total to date this year of 1stone, 5lbs.

It will be good to get over that stone-and-a-half hurdle and head downwards.

This picture kind-of sums up my week:


It’s been a case of predominantly the good stuff (the fruits, the veg, the proteins) but a smidgen of the not-so-good creeping in..but only just, and unlike before when I’d want to devour a whole swarm/nest/herd (?) of Freddo’s, one will do.

Thankfully it’s proving to be an easier week than last week but the occasional little prod comes along and threatens to knock me off the tightrope of life, I’m not letting it though.


My daughter is 9 in just under 3 weeks and I guess I’m thankful that she won’t be aware enough to buy-in to the body-image culture that is everywhere. Celebrities are scrutinised if they’ve lost weight/gained weight or if they look older/suddenly younger. A prime example is the secondary school I walk past each day, I can definitely tell which celebrities both the girls and boys emulate.

I guess the point I’m making is that happiness comes from within, and that’s why I’m on this journey.

I’m looking forward to reading the other #WobblesWednesday posts.

I’m going to end with a cheeky plug for the Brilliance in Blogging awards,the autism blog is shortlisted in the Commentary section, a vote would be appreciated please. Click here to go to the voting forms, a name and email address is all the information required.