#Prose4T – Those old men were young once..


I’ve linked up with @VicWelton for #Prose4T today with the little contribution below.

The latest “celebrity” arrest has left a bad taste in my mouth: on the one hand this is someone I’ve grown up watching on TV; on the other, he’s a similar age to my father-in-law and goodness knows what he got up to 50+ years ago. You can’t tell, can you?

But, taking a more serious tone for a moment, I was assaulted two years ago and – although the feelings fade – the memories don’t leave you. “No” should always mean just that, and if the accusations are valid, then the victims need and deserve closure, however long ago it was.

Those old men were young once:

Gnarled old men, knuckles twisting,
Looking back upon their youth.

Many years ago, handsome and popular,
Girls a-plenty “off we go”!

Accusations now, pointed fingers,
Media spotlight, in the glare.
Victims, once too scared to speak, come forward,
Hoping someone will listen and care.

Scared old men now, confused and silent,
Thinking back to glory days,
Were they predatory? Time will tell,
They need to remember, have their say.

What was society like then? Free and easy?
Popular young stars, having their “fun”.

Beware, you take advantage and it will come back and get you,
The victim scarred by what you’ve done.

Thanks for reading Jx



I’m linking up with #Prose4T over at @VicWelton’s site today.

Today’s little poem doesn’t apply to all men, of course, just my one. Who…well, the words speak for themselves.

You think they understand you and then…
It’s clear they don’t,
Is it they can’t or is it they won’t?

There’s something that has become clear,
You want them to do something?
Let them think it’s their idea.

It’s the best way for an easier life!
But hey, I’m still proud to be his wife
(Nearly all of the time,
I added that last bit, I wanted it to rhyme!)