#WobblesWednesday – we’re getting there

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Kate over at nakedmum for Wobbles Wednesday, something that I’m so grateful she initiated for the support it brings.

I wasn’t a very happy J last week. I had too many thoughts running through my mind, but not wanting to necessary blog them and that reflected in last week’s post. It probably took until Friday before I began to feel brighter and that wasn’t good, I need to be on an even keel for the children.

This week is definitely better. My daughter went to a birthday party at a special needs playground on Saturday, party food everywhere. Lots of temptation but I stuck to the cucumber sticks that everyone else seems to be avoiding and that felt good. Later on, everyone else had their usual Saturday evening fish and chips, I ate more cucumber!

Yesterday we had one of the appointments I’d been so worried about last week, there’s another one tomorrow. We received a diagnosis yesterday and I now have two children on the autistic spectrum, one at either end. One classed as “severe”, the other “high functioning”. Both looking to me to be their constant, always there, always reliable… renewed motivation you bet!

I’ve also had a chat with the lady behind Thinking Slimmer and I’ll be starting that soon. I know of a couple of people who are already finding it very helpful and I’m hoping it will do the same for me.

I’m also over-joyed that the autism blog has been short-listed in the Commentary section for the “Brilliance in Blogging awards”, if you could spare a vote here and get me into the next stage, I’d be well chuffed!

It’s been a real rollercoaster week, so much so that I nearly forgot to jump on the scales this morning. But I did and it’s another lb off.

This year’s total to date: 1stone 4lbs.

I’ll be tallying up with Losing It For Autism on 3rd May, with a once-monthly donation (£ for lb) and update on the autism blog, donations always welcomed!

My top tips:

If you’re feeling peck-ish, set yourself a time limit and then decide if you’re still hungry once that time has elapsed. More often than not, it will have passed.

Always make sure that there’s some chopped up peppers/veg in the fridge. Nice and cooling in the warmer weather too.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else is doing. I’d like to report more than one lb off next week if possible.



#WobblesWednesday – putting my hand up

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with #WobblesWednesday , devised by Kate at nakedmum.co.uk

I’m struggling at the moment, I’m putting my hand up like an eager school child and admitting it.

Here’s why:

I don’t trust my scales anymore. I had two positions in the house where I could get a constant reading..not any more. One place says 3lbs off, another says 2lbs on. Help from an external source with reliable scales is needed, I’m looking up Slimming World classes as soon as I’ve finished this post.

My children both have important appointments next week, one is to determine whether I have a second child on the autistic spectrum – and it won’t change a thing for us as a family if we do, it means he’ll be able to access support – the other is a medical appointment for D, one that is potentially intrusive and one I’m not mentioning publicly.

It’s also PMT time, I’m feeling crotchety, grumpy and frankly saddened at the state of the world when some group decides to blast marathon runners and spectators to bits, people who were running raising money for charities. There’s also the tragic news story from Lowestoft, in this age of social media news, theories and views travel too fast.

So, while I’m a bit miffed that I can’t trust my scales and therefore either say *yay* or *boo* or a *shrug*, in the wider scheme of things I am still lighter than at the start of the year, my Losing it for Autism is 19% of target already and we start with reliable readings from Friday.

I’m so grateful to everyone that has contributed so far, will do a once-monthly round-up on the autism blog.

My top tips this week:

Chances are if you feel hungry between meals, you’re not hungry, but thirsty. Have a drink of water/squash/coffee and then decide.

Coco Pops are my evening nibble of choice, little bowlful with no milk, takes absolutely ages to eat – especially with my long nails.

Remember the tortoise and the hare -it’s all very well these diets where you can lose half a stone a week, but are they sustainable and how much is water?

So, in a strange way I’m looking forward to the extra guidance and support that Slimming World will bring, not forgetting the more reliable scales readings. I do appreciate the support on here every Wednesday too…very much.


#WobblesWednesday – feeling the pressure

I’m linking with with Kate @ Naked Mum as I do every Wednesday, sharing advice and support on a journey to a better me.

I’m sitting on my sofa with a very full tummy, as it was my birthday and we went out for a meal yesterday. Shall I mention my atrocious food consumption yesterday?

Breakfast is normally a couple of boiled eggs with black pepper, no bread just pepper. Yesterday, Hubbie decided that I should have cake, candles and singing whilst I was still in bed. So breakfast was a slice of birthday cake!

Lunch was a three course meal, at a restaurant we’re very familiar with, the children feel very comfortable there and will eat the food. I had:

Starter: Mushrooms with goats cheese and tomatoes

Main course: Sausages with mash, peas and the most scrumptious onion gravy

Dessert (oh yes, oink oink): was a caramel apple tart with custard (disappointing I think it was Birds packet custard but..nom nom)

I was still feeling completely stuffed in the evening so didn’t have any tea, just another small piece of birthday cake when the children wanted to do the candles and singing bit again.

I was so worried about not letting anyone down who’s sponsored me via JustGiving – click to visit my page – that I weighed myself yesterday morning (before the cake fest) and it showed that I’d stayed the same.

I didn’t fancy weighing in this morning and acknowledging a gain which will really knock me back and increase the pressure.

So, my plan this week is:

Getting straight back into it, from now. Breakfast has just been two boiled eggs. Sticking to what works for me. There is still some birthday cake – dammit – in the house but I will stick to tiny slices and work the rest of my food around it.

I owe it to the nine very generous people who have already sponsored me to do my best.

Thanks to these lovely people I’m 15% of target already, I’m mega pleased.
As I’ve maintained weight, I’m adding £2 to the fund.

Yesterday was not an every-day day food-wise, I’m getting straight back into it today, determined to be #LosingItForAutism.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else’s week has gone, it’s not an easy time with it being the school holidays and extra baking/goodies around.


#WobblesWednesday – setting myself a challenge

It’s April, it’s Autism Awareness month and I’m upping the stakes.

I’m linking my weight loss journey with my wish to make some money for @Autism (The National Autistic Society).


I’ve set up a JustGiving account and I’ll be matching lbs for £. My target is £500, not that I have 500 lbs to lose but it seemed a reasonable target for the next year (until World Autism Day, 2nd April 2014).


Timing-wise I wish I was starting this next week as I’ve stayed the same, no loss and no gain. I’m surprised there wasn’t a gain what with Easter goodies and having the weekend off…but, it’s back to it from today. Focussing on what-I-know-works-for-me, upping the protein and veg intake, trying to resist the chocolate goodies.

We had a lovely day out at Legoland on Saturday, I packed plenty of food for the children as they like their own food, their own plates etc, unwisely thinking I’d be able to find a healthy option on sale. Wrong! I ended up chomping a cheeseburger (nice though it was) but so expensive too. £5.95 for a children’s meal as I wanted the smaller portion.

Renewed vigour from me. I’ll be updating my autism blog every month on the 3rd and continuing with #WobblesWednesday weekly – I need to, things have gone a bit more public!

Linking up with Kate on thin ice and the other ladies, without their weekly support I wouldn’t even be contemplating this.

Good luck for the week ahead, below are my children, take a look at this post to read why photos can be deceptive.