Getting something off my chest!

I’ll probably post this onto my autism site too but as it’s a New Year, I wanted to “put something in a box and bury it”.

Seems funny writing 2012 as last year…

Anyway, last February (2012) I was approached by the editor of a weekly magazine (very long standing and high profile). They wanted me to write a piece to go into a box to go alongside a letter that had come in. “Great” I said, “when by?”. “Tomorrow” was the answer.

I was so thrilled to be asked to do this, the autism awareness profile would be raised and…wow! Out of all the autism parent bloggers, I’d been asked to do it.

I stayed up until midnight that night and wrote three pieces. All very different but with the same theme “autism is an invisible disability, don’t judge until you know the circumstances”.

I emailed off the pieces and they replied straight away saying they would definitely use one.

I emailed a week later to see when it was going on and got told “soon”…nothing. I suggested could it please be tied in with World Autism Day and they agreed (2nd April)…nothing.

I’ve emailed twice since then but received no response. I don’t like to keep pushing, it’s not in my nature and I hoped it would be included at some point.

I’m disappointed I didn’t ever hear anything back, I produced three pieces to the timescale and they were unpaid too. It really would have helped raise the autism profile and would have been read by the demographic that may be needed to be aware.

I’m closing the box on this now…I don’t really know what lesson I’ve learnt – apart from may be that people who work for a magazine that prides itself on its etiquette aren’t always polite.