#WobblesWednesday – back on the downward slope

Yes, I’m back on the downward slope after 3 weeks (?) of staying the same.

Yay! Mind you, I have discovered that my scales can vary in their readings by 3 stone or so on various floorings upstairs.

I truly was a nakedmum, trying to find a true-ish reading, so I’ve gone back to my original place – in the bathroom, just by that funny little white spot on the lino. What that funny little spot is I don’t know, it was there before we moved in, it refuses to be scrubbed or picked away but it’s my marker so it serves a purpose.

1.5 lbs down, despite the carbs described below.

There is a new series of Secret Eaters (Channel 4, Thursdays, 8pm) starting next week. I think it’s definitely worth a watch, Anna Richardson has provided some good tips in the write-up in TVTimes magazine and I’ve replicated them below:

1. The biggest tip is to be mindful about what you eat. Don’t sit in front of your TV or computer screen whilst having dinner. Sit with no distractions and focus on what you’re eating.

2. Liquid calories also count. Alcohol is second only to fat in calories.

3. Serve yourself food on a plate and then remove any temptation around you, so no-all-you-can-eat buffets! See the evidence of your good consumption in front of you, be it chicken bones or food wrappers. Psychologically, if you can see what you’ve consumed then you’ll eat less.

I think they are great tips! Ones that I’m definitely going to take heed of.

So, what’s my plan for the week ahead?

I need to up my protein intake and reduce my white carb intake. I’ve been finding beans on toast (no butter, just spread with bovril) a quick, satisfying meal but it is stodgy, I do feel better with a higher protein percentage.

I’ve already done some hard-boiled eggs this morning, ideal snack for me. Left to cool with a smidgen of black pepper. I haven’t been brave enough to take one into the coffee shop to peel whilst enjoying a skinny, decaff mocha but I might later!

I am starting to see a difference in the 15.5lbs lost, it’s good to see proof and that alone is an incentive to bear in mind the tips above and carry on, carrying on. Slow and steady WILL work!

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum – please click on the link to read how she and other ladies have been getting on this week.

My end image is a piece of artwork by Peter Smith, he does the most gorgeous bunny pictures (readers of my autism blog will know that my daughter’s special comforter is Bunny), this image is called “One at a time please” and I think it’s brilliant! One day I’ll have a copy of this in my bathroom, yes, on the wall right near that funny white spot on the floor!


Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to linking up and reading/commenting on other posts Jx 😘


Body Star MAGIFIT trousers – Product Review

One of my intentions this year is to get fitter, it’s all part of my lifestyle change and the purpose of this blog, as opposed to my autism awareness blog.

I was recently sent a pair of MAGIFIT workout trousers to review:


They are great! So comfortable, without any of the movement restrictions during a workout that you might experience wearing “normal” clothes.

The trousers are very nice to wear, the material is 89% polyester and 11% elastane. They do feel like they hold you in, but it’s by no means restrictive. I like the colour flashes of purple too, they are also available in a black/blue colour way if you’re not a purple fiend like me.

They wash very well and look smart enough to be worn on the way to the gym/exercise class. As I (hopefully) become smaller, the elastane in the trousers mean that they shouldn’t become baggy too quickly.

They are available here from Fashion World, and very reasonably and competitively priced at £28.

A definite and very comfortable recommendation from me.

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of MAGIFIT trousers, my views are my own and I was not paid for this review.

“Comme ci Comme ca” #WobblesWednesday

It’s Wednesday, I’m wobbly and that means its time to link up with Kate @ The Naked Mum and all the other lovely ladies, supporting each other on our weight loss and healthier lifestyle journeys.

If only it were as simple as this:


Click a button and you’re there. But it’s not. You need to be in the emotional mindset, to want to do it for you, not anyone else. Families being the obvious exception, as a parent/carer I want and need to be as healthy as possible for my children.

So, how have I done this week? Well, the bathroom scales are being a little bit “unpredictable” shall we say. My previous spot in the bathroom – which could be relied on, that one just by the towel rail – is no longer reliable and it gave me three different readings this morning. I’m taking the average of the three and assuming that I’ve stayed the same – no loss, no gain. I shall be travelling about the upstairs of my house this weekend, trying to find a new weigh-in place. Knowing my luck it will be in one of the children’s bedrooms, that would certainly wake them up with a jolt next Wednesday, their Mumma flashing away, trying to get an accurate weigh-in! Oh, you have to laugh…

If I’m being realistic, that result seems about right to me. It was half-term last week and whilst I wasn’t an out-and-out piggie, I didn’t deprive myself. I just didn’t go overboard. We had a couple of medical appointments for my daughter and, as per usual, I made sure I packed all their food/drink requirements for the trips and forgot about me, ending up grabbing a sandwich from a shop. Not the most healthiest or cost effective options.


So, my tips this week:

Be prepared: I’m always going to try and have a low fat/low calorie option for me in my handbag. As mentioned before, I’m a bit partial to Kingsmill pancakes, the syrup and sultana versions have 120-ish calories and 1.2g of fat. A couple of those would happily see me through any munchies crisis whilst out and about.

Water intake: I’m guilty of definitely not drinking enough water last week. Too much going on. Again, I need to carry a bottle around with me. Good for the skin and the digestive system.

Keep in mind a goal, sometimes it’s easier if its not an end goal, but an interim one. Now that I’ve lost a stone, my next interim goal is the next half stone. I also want to wear and look good in this:


A Karen Millen dress that I last wore a few years ago. Realistically it won’t be by our wedding anniversary (May) but maybe by the summer.

So, that’s me. A definite “Comme ci, Comme ca” week but it’s still a stone off so far and that thought will spur me on to hopefully a loss next week. Looking forward to reading how everyone else has done, here’s a Linky if anyone would like to join in.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘

Bionsen Deodorants – Product Review

One of my reasons for having two blogs – the autism awareness blog and the lifestyle blog – was that certain products and posts would fit better on one than the other, this product fits nicely onto both.

Having sensitive skin myself and a daughter who’s skin is even more sensitive, plus her sensory issues, I was pleased to be asked to trial these:


Bionsen have created a hypoallergenic-approved formula using “vital minerals found in the volcanic spas of Japan (known as “Onsen”), long prized for their ability to nourish the skin and keep it healthy.”

Well, D and I have been testing these all week with no sensitive-skin after effects. There is a very faint fresh-smelling fragrance to the deodorants and she’s worn it during the day at school during PE etc and I’ve worn it during the heavy-buggy-pushing school runs, it passed the test! I’m confident that once I start my sessions at Curves, it will also keep me fresh.

How the deodorants work (taken from the website):
“Bionsen is specially formulated to be naturally protective. Using natural minerals, Bionsen effectively neutralises the bacteria responsible for bad odours, and it keeps them at bay all day long.

Using natural minerals
Spa minerals have long been regarded as highly nourishing and protective for the skin. These natural minerals are found in volcanic spas (known as “Onsen”), and include elements of zinc, copper and manganese. For centuries, the Japanese have recognised the health-giving properties of these minerals and even today, continue the ancient tradition of bathing in mineral spas to nourish and soothe skin.

How Bionsen works
Bionsen is a deodorant, so it doesn’t stop your body from sweating like an anti-perspirant sweating is a natural cooling and detoxifying process needed to keep the body healthy. Bionsen simply prevents bacteria from growing and is as effective at neutralising body odours as the leading brands.

Bionsen is aluminium and paraben free. It’s dermatologically tested and its hypoallergenic formula is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.”

I’ve been trialling the pump spray bottle (and it’s a gentle spray, unlike the sudden harsh sting of an aerosol) and D has been using the roll-on. I like the thought that both are paraben and aluminium free too.

The RRP for the roll-on is £2.35 and £2.75 for the pump spray, both are now available in Morrisons as well as Boots and other leading supermarkets plus online at www.bionsen.co.uk.

Having an ever-growing daughter who has sensory issues and related anxieties, it’s good to know we’ve found a product that suits her.

We received a roll-on and a pump spray deodorant for the purpose of this trial.