Fat Family Tree #WobblesWednesday

Even though it’s Thursday, I’m linking this in with the Wobbles Wednesday support group, founded by Kate at the nakedmum.co.uk as I found the programme very interesting.

Here’s the 4 on demand link to the programme.

I took some notes whilst I was watching, once a PA, always a PA and they’re below:

The programme focused on a mother and her two daughters, all overweight, with a family history of excessive weight. The grandchildren of the family were heading that way too unfortunately and bullying had already started.

The adult females had all gained weight from teens onwards and were concerned as they’d tried diets without success and there was a history of weight-related illnesses and deaths in the close family. The mother/grandmother had recently been told she was on the verge of diabetes, almost certainly weight-related.

The purpose of the programme was to look at the women’s genes and create a science-based diet that would (hopefully) reduce their weight and a lifestyle change that could both be adhered to and reduce the risk of weight-related illness.

The scientists were predominantly testing for “fat” genes which:

* affect how signals are sent to brain to say when full,
* genes that affect where you store fat, * genes that test how much pleasure you get from eating,
* genes that encourage over eating.

The test results agreed that the women had the “fat” genes and, as such, there was a high likelihood that the grandchildren did too.

The idea of the scientific diet was to reduce the amount of fat consumed and refined carbs which don’t create feeling of fullness.

The diet rules were:

1. Look out for hidden fat ie 3 tablespoons worth in granula cereal

2. Walking helps cut the amount of fat levels in the blood by up to 38%, take more steps!

3. If you must snack, go for fermenting carbs

Choose foods that will keep you fuller for longer.

Choose the right type of carbs, unrefined carbs ie porridge.

Refined carbs leave stomach quicker so you feel hungry quicker. Examples of refined carbs are white bread, white pasta, cake and crisps.
Change to: Fermenting carbs (gas producing!) as they keep you fuller for longer!

4. Drinks don’t trigger the fullness signals that food does, food stretches your stomach.

Eat your fruit rather than drink it.

So additionally: cut out the liquid calories because they do not fill you up.

The women all followed the diet for 4 months, all reported a weight loss and the mother/grandmother’s diabetes risk had gone.

I found the programme very interesting and the benefits and results for the women were very visible.

The Rules detailed above are certainly easy to follow and I know most people will think “aah, common sense” but the fact it was a scientific experiment made it interesting viewing.




Want Noodles whilst dieting?

I’ve been trying to get my act together and achieve a healthier lifestyle since January 1st, some weeks have been easier than others due to the trials and tribulations of life but the one things I have missed are noodles!

Noodles contained within a mushroom chow mein, to be specific. The taste, the texture, the yumminess of them!

I found out about Slim Noodles via a twitter conversation and I jumped (albeit wobbly – being a #WobblesWednesday participant!) at the chance to try out a packet.



As you will see from the pictures above, they are very low calorie and fat free, gluten free and carb free too.

Here’s what the website says:

What is the Slim foods range made from?
Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® are made from a water-soluble vegetable fibre called Moyu (konjac).

Will it taste good?
Slim Pasta®, Slim Noodles® and Slim Rice® are slightly chewy than normal pasta, noodles and rice and that is because it is made from fibre. It is also very absorbing, so if you add them to a sauce that is runny, it will absorb a lot more of the flavours. The down side of eating normal pasta, noodles and rice is that it is High in Calories, Carbohydrates and Sugar. You could either have pasta that contains 352 calories and 71.6g of carbohydrates (per 100g serving) or have Slim Pasta® that contains 7.7 Calories (Zero Net calories), 0g of Carbohydrates, of which Sugar is 0g. With any of the Slim foods range, you will feel full for up to 4 hours. You will get net zero calories and zero carbohydrates and zero sugar from the Slim foods range, and you will also lose weight from eating pasta, noodles and rice.

What is that odor you get when you open a bag of Slim foods?
The Slim foods range comes stored in a food grade calcium hydroxide water (lime water), and when opened, you will notice a starch like odor. This is perfectly normal, since it is made of a high quality and high viscose Moyu fibre. The starch odor disappears after 2-3 rinses under warm water.

What does ZERO Net Calories mean?
The calories per 100g in the Slim foods range is 7.7. However, these calories come from vegetable fibre, and it cannot be absorbed by the body. So although the food is made up of 7.7 calories, what your body absorbs is practically zero, hence ‘Zero Net calories’.

I am eating a Slim foods meal for the first time, how much should I eat?
Try not to eat until you start feeling full as the fibre in the Slim foods will expand to give you that extra feeling of fullness. The Slim foods range is very filling, so start with a very modest portion and see how you get on and increase the portions in your next meal until you are sure about the portion size. Try to remember that the Slim food range is not like your usual pasta, noodles and rice, you won’t need to eat as much as regular pasta, noodles and rice to feel satisfied (depending on your added sauce/ingredients).

So, what did they taste like and how did I cook them?

Firstly, as mentioned above, there is a starch-like odour when the packet is first opened, give the noodles a good 2-3 rinses in warm water and it does disappear.


I microwaved them for one minute – as per the instructions above – and then added them to a runny satay-type sauce I’d prepared with peanut butter, but without oil. This gave the satay noodles effect without the considerable fat and calories then added in some no-skin chicken and peas. This was a side plate, not a dinner plate.


The noodles are very chewy and very filling. I also found that the noodles absorbed the sauce quickly so next time I use them, I’ll make the sauce much runnier.

I felt full very quickly and it was good to be eating noodles again!

Click here to find out where you can buy Slim Pasta, Slim Noodles and Slim Rice. They are also available in multiple packs from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was sent a packet of Slim Noodles to test. My words and views are my own.

#WobblesWednesday – feeling the pressure

I’m linking with with Kate @ Naked Mum as I do every Wednesday, sharing advice and support on a journey to a better me.

I’m sitting on my sofa with a very full tummy, as it was my birthday and we went out for a meal yesterday. Shall I mention my atrocious food consumption yesterday?

Breakfast is normally a couple of boiled eggs with black pepper, no bread just pepper. Yesterday, Hubbie decided that I should have cake, candles and singing whilst I was still in bed. So breakfast was a slice of birthday cake!

Lunch was a three course meal, at a restaurant we’re very familiar with, the children feel very comfortable there and will eat the food. I had:

Starter: Mushrooms with goats cheese and tomatoes

Main course: Sausages with mash, peas and the most scrumptious onion gravy

Dessert (oh yes, oink oink): was a caramel apple tart with custard (disappointing I think it was Birds packet custard but..nom nom)

I was still feeling completely stuffed in the evening so didn’t have any tea, just another small piece of birthday cake when the children wanted to do the candles and singing bit again.

I was so worried about not letting anyone down who’s sponsored me via JustGiving – click to visit my page – that I weighed myself yesterday morning (before the cake fest) and it showed that I’d stayed the same.

I didn’t fancy weighing in this morning and acknowledging a gain which will really knock me back and increase the pressure.

So, my plan this week is:

Getting straight back into it, from now. Breakfast has just been two boiled eggs. Sticking to what works for me. There is still some birthday cake – dammit – in the house but I will stick to tiny slices and work the rest of my food around it.

I owe it to the nine very generous people who have already sponsored me to do my best.

Thanks to these lovely people I’m 15% of target already, I’m mega pleased.
As I’ve maintained weight, I’m adding £2 to the fund.

Yesterday was not an every-day day food-wise, I’m getting straight back into it today, determined to be #LosingItForAutism.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else’s week has gone, it’s not an easy time with it being the school holidays and extra baking/goodies around.


#WobblesWednesday – I’ll just take a small victory please

Okay, I’ll start straight off with the loss because I’m in that sort of mood today – 2lb off since last week. Which I’m really pleased about, I’m back on the “lifestyle change” train – good!

Part of me is surprised though, it’s been a mixture of eating the protein and the vegetables when I’m motivated (most of the time) and having the occasional not-so-good meal when I’m not – chicken pie (I fancied some pastry) and fish and chips at the weekend. BUT I haven’t gone overboard with it (I used a children’s size plate for both meals) and I guess it was balanced out with the healthier options.

This is how the week has felt though:


Juggling the proverbial balls marked “children, autism, meltdowns – D had 4 after school yesterday – tiredness, writing, Hubbie and the last one…sanity”. It’s felt like if one drops, they all will. Roll on a bit of a break in the Easter holidays, but not too much chocolate!

My tips for the coming week would be:

Using that smaller plate for a slightly unhealthier meal. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Everyone needs an occasional lapse but don’t let it deter you, the next day is a new day. Okay, I gave in and had the pie but it was very tasty and now I won’t want another one for a while.

Have a bowl of dry cereal at night if the munchies visit. Having them dry would almost feel like crisps (!) and they’re reasonably low calorie and low fat.

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk for #WobblesWednesday, without which I think I’d have ditched the diet long ago. Here’s how Kate has got on this week (click to read).

Looking forward to reading how everyone else has got on, good luck with Easter choc! Jx

#WobblesWednesday – back on the downward slope

Yes, I’m back on the downward slope after 3 weeks (?) of staying the same.

Yay! Mind you, I have discovered that my scales can vary in their readings by 3 stone or so on various floorings upstairs.

I truly was a nakedmum, trying to find a true-ish reading, so I’ve gone back to my original place – in the bathroom, just by that funny little white spot on the lino. What that funny little spot is I don’t know, it was there before we moved in, it refuses to be scrubbed or picked away but it’s my marker so it serves a purpose.

1.5 lbs down, despite the carbs described below.

There is a new series of Secret Eaters (Channel 4, Thursdays, 8pm) starting next week. I think it’s definitely worth a watch, Anna Richardson has provided some good tips in the write-up in TVTimes magazine and I’ve replicated them below:

1. The biggest tip is to be mindful about what you eat. Don’t sit in front of your TV or computer screen whilst having dinner. Sit with no distractions and focus on what you’re eating.

2. Liquid calories also count. Alcohol is second only to fat in calories.

3. Serve yourself food on a plate and then remove any temptation around you, so no-all-you-can-eat buffets! See the evidence of your good consumption in front of you, be it chicken bones or food wrappers. Psychologically, if you can see what you’ve consumed then you’ll eat less.

I think they are great tips! Ones that I’m definitely going to take heed of.

So, what’s my plan for the week ahead?

I need to up my protein intake and reduce my white carb intake. I’ve been finding beans on toast (no butter, just spread with bovril) a quick, satisfying meal but it is stodgy, I do feel better with a higher protein percentage.

I’ve already done some hard-boiled eggs this morning, ideal snack for me. Left to cool with a smidgen of black pepper. I haven’t been brave enough to take one into the coffee shop to peel whilst enjoying a skinny, decaff mocha but I might later!

I am starting to see a difference in the 15.5lbs lost, it’s good to see proof and that alone is an incentive to bear in mind the tips above and carry on, carrying on. Slow and steady WILL work!

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum – please click on the link to read how she and other ladies have been getting on this week.

My end image is a piece of artwork by Peter Smith, he does the most gorgeous bunny pictures (readers of my autism blog will know that my daughter’s special comforter is Bunny), this image is called “One at a time please” and I think it’s brilliant! One day I’ll have a copy of this in my bathroom, yes, on the wall right near that funny white spot on the floor!


Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to linking up and reading/commenting on other posts Jx 😘

#WobblesWednesday – maintaining that status quo

I’d better explain that title before you all start thinking I’m a double-denim clad rrrrrrocker:

Status quo is a Latin term meaning the existing state of affairs. It is a commonly used form of the original Latin “statu quo” – literally “the state in which”.

Yep, I’ve stayed the same for the third week running. I know exactly why and, as per my post last week I’m not going to play the blame game or chastise myself about it. I’ve lost a stone since January and that is good news!

I know why I haven’t lost any weight. On Sunday – Mothers Day – we had a lovely meal, all the things I’d been avoiding and it was very tasty:
Homemade macaroni cheese with mature cheddar and bacon strips
Tear and share garlic bread
Hotel Chocolat choccies, I was given loads at Christmas. I’d decided to have some on Sunday and save some for my birthday.
All washed down with a bottle of my favourite wine.

All very carb-heavy and indulgent, but scrummy.

I had hoped to loose another half stone by my birthday – 3 weeks yesterday – I’m not sure if this realistic so I’ll hope for a few lbs instead. The downside to it falling on a Tuesday is that there will be a meal out, there will be chocolate cake and then the scales will tell their tale the day after.

But, like I’ve said, this is a long-haul, blips will happen, it’s just unfortunate mine have happened all at once.

There is a programme called The New Normal on E4 at the moment, see below for a summary.

“Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) are a happy gay couple living in Los Angeles, with successful careers. The only thing missing in their relationship is a baby. They meet Goldie Clemmons, (Georgia King), a single mother and waitress from Ohio. Goldie left her adulterous husband and moved to L.A. with her nine-year-old daughter Shania (Bebe Wood) to escape their former life and start over. Jane (Ellen Barkin), Goldie’s conservative and very bigoted grandmother, follows her family to the city against her granddaughter’s wishes, thus causing havoc for her granddaughter and the hopeful couple. Goldie decides to become Bryan and David’s gestational surrogate, and naturally, her family gets involved.”

The grandmother character has very extreme, bigoted views and the quotes below are from the time she sabotaged her great-granddaughter’s (Shania) pretend wedding to a fellow classmate, simply because she didn’t approve, The dialogue was between one of the gay fathers-to-be and the great-granddaughter.

Bryan: “I know you’re disappointed that the wedding didn’t happen, but when I’m sad I like to do something called “eat my feelings” and I’d like to share it with you.”

Shania: “What’s that?”

Bryan: “Well, when you feel sad you just eat stuff til you’re not sad anymore. It’s really healing. Try it. Who needs boys when you can have sugar?”

Shania: “He wasn’t that great anyway.”

Bryan: “It’s ok honey, keep eating.”

The above exchange just rang so true with me, something that has been the cause of this whole chunk of blubber that I carry around with me, something I’m determined to break the cycle of and, like the title says “get fab”.

Linking in with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk, you can read her Wobbles Wednesday post here.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘


#WobblesWednesday – Stuck in a rut…

…but it’s my own fault.

My downfall this week was pizza, a takeaway pizza. As I need to blame someone or something as well as myself, I’m blaming “Supersize versus Superskinny”, the programme where a very very overweight person swaps diets with a very underweight person for a few days in order that both can see the disadvantages of their diets. They are then given a diet programme and revisited 3 months later to check on progress.

The programme featured someone who ate vast amounts of pizza a week (yuck!) and they were constantly showing shots of pizza. Oh dear, I obsessed about it for 24 hours before giving in. Realising afterwards that I hadn’t eaten pizza since last October! It was nice though.

As a result, I haven’t lost or gained this week. I’m not down about it though, having previously been addicted to exercise and verging on bulimic before I had my first child. It’s part of my personality and I can’t afford mentally to let myself get addicted/obsessed like that again, for my children’s sake.

This lifestyle change isn’t a race, I don’t want first place or a gold medal. It’s a marathon and I’m in it for the long haul, going the distance.

It’s still a stone lost since the start of 2013 and as the tortoise says “slow and steady…”

Wobbles Wednesday is an initiative started by Kate at nakedmum, providing a support network via the #WobblesWednesday hashtag on twitter. Kate’s post – and she’s definitely back on track *yay* – can be read here.here (click on the link to read).

Thanks for reading Jx 😘