This post started out as a bit of fun and an entry into a competition run by MoneySupermarket.com but I’ve found it really interesting to tally up just what’s in my handbag!


There’s my handbag above, no-one who knows me will be surprised that it’s purple.

Lets start the tally….

Firstly, the handbag above, it’s by Ted Baker and I think it retailed at £120. I bought it with some John Lewis vouchers I won in a Waitrose monthly draw. Yes, jammy madam……kerching!

But what’s in it?


First up we have the iPads, one is mine, one is D’s. Mine is like an extension of my phone, D’s is more for leisure and calming activities. Retailed at £399 and £329 respectively….kerching!

Next is my phone, used for texts, tweeting, blogging, playing music and taking/making the occasional call too. I couldn’t be without it. Apple suggest a retail price of between £15-449 for an Apple 4s. I’d veer towards the higher end as it’s invaluable….kerching!

With my phone are my Bose headphones, cannot fault the sound quality. A present from Hubbie a while back. £69….kerching!

My purse: a Ted Baker present a couple of years ago. Think it was £99. I only tend to carry between £10-30 cash in there at any one time as I’m a take-the-cash-out-if-you-need-it-girl. So £129….kerching!

My sunglasses and glasses: I now have to wear a prescription and carry both pairs around due to our weather! Bought from Boots on a two-for-one deal. £189 + £25 insurance.

My keys: sentimental value obviously but to replace them all…?£50….kerching!

And lastly, Bunny (or @AutismBunny), she’s been with D since birth. Was £6.95 but is absolutely priceless. Similar sell on ebay for up to £20 but Bunny cannot be valued.

So, what’s in my handbag…..flipping heck! £1736.

Two obvious comments arising from this:

One, I’m pleased that we have individual items cover on our contest insurance and
Two, thank goodness Mr Bluecrisps hasn’t read this, otherwise he’d be hiring security!!


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