Now this is a bikini I would love to wear…

One of my hopes, once I’ve overhauled my mind and body, is to wear a bikini.

At the moment, my swimwear choices are either a ruched navy one-piece or a bright pink tankini with embroidery. Those choices probably sum me up, wanting secretly to wear the bright colours more often, but sticking to the safe options, acting my age not my shoe size.

When I was a teenager I remember buying a pink leopard print little bikini….those were the days…and then wearing it with a sarong, not wanting to take that final step and throw caution and (my pre-children non-wobbly) bits to the wind.

There was an article in the Daily Mail recently, Jilly Johnston was modelling bikinis for the “mature figure” and, one stood out for me:

These are Jilly’s opinions and words:

Haiti bikini, £79 for the set,
My heart sank when I saw this. First of all it’s white – a horribly unforgiving colour that highlights every lump and bump.
Second, the bottoms are so huge even Bridget Jones would have turned her nose up at them.
But as soon as I tried it on I was won over.
Like most women of my age, I am self-conscious about my stomach and love handles, but these pants neatly tucked it all away.
The little belt is a lovely detail and it defines the waist, too.
The top comes with extra padding that can be removed, gives good support and is thick enough not to go see-through in the water.
I can imagine wearing this on holiday with a big, floppy hat and huge sunglasses. Very St Tropez!
Rating: 5/5

Best for: Holding it all in


I decided to take a look at the website. Jilly starts off so negatively and purely based on her first impressions. I wondered what other colours the Haiti bikini came in.

I wasn’t disappointed, so many different colour ways:





I particularly like the pink option and the butterflies print, here’s a link to the page. Admittedly the Haiti is an investment piece at £89.00 but it looks flattering and above all comfortable.

Something for me to aim for for next summer!

Disclaimer: I was given permission to feature the Haiti on my blog. I have not received a payment nor a sample. My views are my own.


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