#WobblesWednesday – Taking a step back

I don’t like doing this and this is not stopping the lifestyle change or the wish to raise sponsorship money, it’s me taking a step back for a few weeks from the added pressure of jumping on the scales.

One of my close relatives has cancer, there, I’ve typed it.

There is no radiotherapy or chemotherapy available and an operation is currently deemed too risky as they may not survive it. This will be reviewed in a few weeks.

I can’t tell the children because they wouldn’t understand and I’ve written this on number 2 blog as certain people who disapprove of my blogging wouldn’t see it.

I’ll still read and comment on everyone else’s and, you never know, I might come back in a few weeks with an incredible loss (I’m not diving feet first into chocolate but have turned into a bit of a carb monster).

I’m finding it difficult to stay positive when the situation seems bleak but these two are keeping me going:


Thank you Jx


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