Preparing my little Pinkies for Summer #FreeYourFeet

Here we are, in June, the sun is finally shining for more than a couple of hours and it’s decision time….to bare or not to bare?

I’m not talking sunbathing but feet!

I feel sorry for my feet, I don’t drive so they are regularly propelling me to and from two different schools, walks for shopping, walks for days out. They do a lot for me and I appreciate them.

What I don’t do *shameful face* is take care of them during the winter months. They’re encased in socks, in boots and go from freezing temperatures outside to a warm environment, still encased. Being subjected to a warm bath and then they get a night off. All without much care or moisture.

So, come the summer months, my feet look like this:


Dried up, splitting and quite frankly parched. Certainly not as scenic.

So, what’s a Mumma to do, because – as most of us know – cracked heels can only get worse untreated in hot weather, not better.

Here’s my get-the-feet-ready-for-summer-kit:


Cracked heel cream works wonders, but only if the splits aren’t open.

If they are (and ouchie if they are), smother the heels and any dry areas with Sudocrem (it’s not just for little botties), pop a pair of cotton socks over and wear overnight. Not the most glamorous look, granted, but it worked.

If you’ve got cracked heels, with no open splits, put the Cracked Heel cream on and, again, cover with the socks. It works!

Next, is the Ped-Egg. It’s recommended that it be used when the skin is dry (ie not wet) but I prefer doing it at the end of a bath. It doesn’t seem to hurt as much as the skin collected is wet and bobbles together as opposed to flakes (apologies if anyone is eating whilst reading this!).

A few days of pampering and your feet should be looking much happier.

Next is a pedicure. Nail varnish lasts longer on toes so choose a colour that goes with the majority of your wardrobe.

I tend to choose a purple (quelle surprise!) or burgundy colour:



Remember to follow the same procedure as for your fingernails, it takes time but it means the polish will last longer:

Soak feet and trim cuticles
Trim, file and shape nails
Apply base coat, colour and top coat.

So, feet ready, choose some sandals.

As much as I’d love to be strutting around in high heels all day, it’s not practical, so you’ll find me in these:


My purple FitFlops, glittery and comfy. They do the job.

Lastly, remember to put sunscreen on your feet as well as legs/arms/anything subjected to the sun. Sunburnt feet are not a good look, especially in very strappy sandals.

This post has been written for a competition entitled “Free Your Feet” run by Clark’s shoes.


2 thoughts on “Preparing my little Pinkies for Summer #FreeYourFeet

  1. I am a fellow fit flop devotee, I “killed” my purple ones and now they have no oomph left in them so I use them as slippers. Most comfortable footwear going 🙂

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