Remembering fashion through the decades with Simply Be

One thing I’ve been thinking of doing recently is digging out old photographs, seeing how I’ve evolved over the years.

I don’t think my sense of style has changed much from being an 80’s teenager (black, black and more black) but I was definitely more influenced by fashion then.

It was also the “Diana years” and I remember returning to school after a summer holiday break and practically every girl had the flicked-back haircut and the eyeliner. It was either Diana haircuts or Bananarama haircuts, but always lots of eyeliner.

It got me thinking about who my mum and grandma’s influences would have been. I remember going to a birthday party at Harry Secombe’s house (I know, name dropper! I went to primary school with one of his daughters) and my grandma was adamant that she would collect me! She arrived to collect me dressed in her Sunday best – hat and frock coat – and I remember thinking how smart she looked. It’s only now that I think she was probably influenced by the late Queen Mother.

This is why I was so interested to take a look at this feature by Simply Be, celebrating 5 decades of fashion. It’s certainly made me think and wonder just how many of those fashions I wore, would love to know what memories these bring back for people reading this.


Really interesting isn’t it? Thanks for reading Jx


16 thoughts on “Remembering fashion through the decades with Simply Be

  1. I love seeing how fashion evolves. I was watching something set in the 20s the other day and it looks like there was a revolution in fashion for women around then – it went straight from high collared, long line dresses to ultra short swingy numbers.

  2. My first fashion memory is of my red (fake) leather hot pants when I was around 6 yrs old! I also had a Charlies Angels flying suit and gypsy skirts in the 70s, a really short ra ra skirt in the early 80s and since then I’ve practically lived in jeans. If I could go back further it would definitely be to the 20s and the lovely flapper dresses.
    Interesting post 🙂

  3. I have to say that this really got me thinking. My Mum, I can always recall, being dressed in 70s fashion when I was a child! My favourite was the Eighties – I always loved the Fashion then – I was able to relive it when I visited the Henley Rewind Festival last year. Fab! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo xx

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