A little bit of pampering?!?

I don’t do much in the way of pampering myself, a quick brush of my hair in front of the mirror, five minutes spent on make-up and that’s it before we dash off for the school run.

I do lay the foundations about half an hour beforehand though, with my newly-found regime of day cream and night serum. Which is making a difference definitely.

The only other pamper I allow myself is my nails, my hands look better with painted nails, they make me feel better too. If only I could enjoy the process a bit more…

Our local nail bar is run by little people, all wearing face masks, as they use the nail filing equipment. They beaver away in silence, indicating by a tap of the nail file when it is the next person’s turn to sit in the chair. Your hands are turned and contorted as the equipment whirs away, a tap of the hand with a nail file indicates when they have finished with one hand and it’s time for the other. The only conversation is when you are told to wash your hands (to remove the filing remnants) and to choose a nail colour. The whole robotic, impersonal process takes about half an hour. It’s almost as if they have been programmed.

But they are efficient, the finished nail finish lasts at least 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow and they are cheap. £18 for infills as opposed to £42 in the salon nearby, where you get a hand massage and chitchat about holidays/children/the weather at the same time.

In these times of economic cutbacks, I know which I would prefer but ultimately I chose the cheapest.

Nails look good though, and yes, they are purple. I’m predictable!



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