*Swishing* away like Cheryl…cos I’m worth it

I had a bit of an light-bulb moment recently. I think it’s to do with starting this blog. It’s a chance to ramble on about my thoughts as me – Jeannette – and not necessarily as a Mumma.

Couple that with a BIG birthday in 3 years, 363 days (you may have noticed the milestone countdown) and the time was right to think about my well-being.

My light-bulb moment came in the form of a jar, a jar in a box of goodies that I received for writing a post. An unexpected jar but one that made me think…this:


My skincare regime was previously basically a Huggies wipes pack. I don’t smoke, don’t wear foundation – just use mascara, eyeliner, concealer and lipstick, finished with a dab of powder – so thought that was all I needed really.

But I’d been given the cream so thought I’d give it a try, half anticipating my skin to react/break out in spots. It didn’t.

Then I was asked to listen to a couple of radio shows for Boots Feel Good Forum (click to read the post), absolutely jam-packed full of tips and hints about hair, skin, confidence building etc. I came away with so many tips and an explanation for all the skin care products around.

I’ve carried on using the day cream and it’s now been added to via a birthday present from Hubbie. He was a bit put out that I asked for a skincare product but it was expensive, something that I wanted to try out and something that I really couldn’t justify buying for myself:


There were grumblings that it was more expensive than perfume, that it had better last a while and that we shouldn’t recycle the bottle because it’s probably worth a bit. Bless him!

Anyway, I am now one of these people who uses a day cream, a serum and a night cream (also a birthday present) and you know what? My skin feels smoother and looks brighter already.


It’s taken a few years to realise but *swishing my hair like Cheryl* “I am worth it!”



3 thoughts on “*Swishing* away like Cheryl…cos I’m worth it

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