#Prose4T This is how I rock!

Linking up with #Prose4T at vevivos.com, my little contribution for today.

The sun peeks out from behind the clouds.
“Shall I put the washing out?” I say aloud.

No answer from the children, one is crafting,
one is engrossed in…
FIFA 13.

The teams are picked, the venue chosen,
The whistle blows and off they go.
T supporting the Blues, momentary lapse of concentration and
…A red shirt scores, oh no!

D perfecting her tiny pieces of paper,
with colouring and concentration.
She fashions out clothes, food and balls.
Who needs expensive presents, a thought to motion?

But enough of this,
There’s chores to do.
Will that washing dry?
You know as much as I do!!



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