#WobblesWednesday – feeling the pressure

I’m linking with with Kate @ Naked Mum as I do every Wednesday, sharing advice and support on a journey to a better me.

I’m sitting on my sofa with a very full tummy, as it was my birthday and we went out for a meal yesterday. Shall I mention my atrocious food consumption yesterday?

Breakfast is normally a couple of boiled eggs with black pepper, no bread just pepper. Yesterday, Hubbie decided that I should have cake, candles and singing whilst I was still in bed. So breakfast was a slice of birthday cake!

Lunch was a three course meal, at a restaurant we’re very familiar with, the children feel very comfortable there and will eat the food. I had:

Starter: Mushrooms with goats cheese and tomatoes

Main course: Sausages with mash, peas and the most scrumptious onion gravy

Dessert (oh yes, oink oink): was a caramel apple tart with custard (disappointing I think it was Birds packet custard but..nom nom)

I was still feeling completely stuffed in the evening so didn’t have any tea, just another small piece of birthday cake when the children wanted to do the candles and singing bit again.

I was so worried about not letting anyone down who’s sponsored me via JustGiving – click to visit my page – that I weighed myself yesterday morning (before the cake fest) and it showed that I’d stayed the same.

I didn’t fancy weighing in this morning and acknowledging a gain which will really knock me back and increase the pressure.

So, my plan this week is:

Getting straight back into it, from now. Breakfast has just been two boiled eggs. Sticking to what works for me. There is still some birthday cake – dammit – in the house but I will stick to tiny slices and work the rest of my food around it.

I owe it to the nine very generous people who have already sponsored me to do my best.

Thanks to these lovely people I’m 15% of target already, I’m mega pleased.
As I’ve maintained weight, I’m adding Β£2 to the fund.

Yesterday was not an every-day day food-wise, I’m getting straight back into it today, determined to be #LosingItForAutism.

Looking forward to reading how everyone else’s week has gone, it’s not an easy time with it being the school holidays and extra baking/goodies around.



12 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – feeling the pressure

  1. You are allowed a treat for your birthday. Coincidence as my daughter’s yesterday too so cake was in the building. Sausages also were a downfall so another coincidence there. You are doing great and raising money for a great cause too. Thanks for linking up and mentioning Naked Mums and Wobbles Wednesday.
    We can and will do this!

    • Thank you, you too. The downside to eating all that yummy food Tuesday is that I’m finding it very difficult not to eat the goodies still left in the house.
      Be better once the children are back at school x

  2. Great to hear you enjoyed your birthday and the scales remained still too. I have also made a little donation – 2 pounds represented the 2 pounds I want to lose by next week! πŸ™‚

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