#WobblesWednesday – I’ll just take a small victory please

Okay, I’ll start straight off with the loss because I’m in that sort of mood today – 2lb off since last week. Which I’m really pleased about, I’m back on the “lifestyle change” train – good!

Part of me is surprised though, it’s been a mixture of eating the protein and the vegetables when I’m motivated (most of the time) and having the occasional not-so-good meal when I’m not – chicken pie (I fancied some pastry) and fish and chips at the weekend. BUT I haven’t gone overboard with it (I used a children’s size plate for both meals) and I guess it was balanced out with the healthier options.

This is how the week has felt though:


Juggling the proverbial balls marked “children, autism, meltdowns – D had 4 after school yesterday – tiredness, writing, Hubbie and the last one…sanity”. It’s felt like if one drops, they all will. Roll on a bit of a break in the Easter holidays, but not too much chocolate!

My tips for the coming week would be:

Using that smaller plate for a slightly unhealthier meal. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Everyone needs an occasional lapse but don’t let it deter you, the next day is a new day. Okay, I gave in and had the pie but it was very tasty and now I won’t want another one for a while.

Have a bowl of dry cereal at night if the munchies visit. Having them dry would almost feel like crisps (!) and they’re reasonably low calorie and low fat.

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk for #WobblesWednesday, without which I think I’d have ditched the diet long ago. Here’s how Kate has got on this week (click to read).

Looking forward to reading how everyone else has got on, good luck with Easter choc! Jx


8 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – I’ll just take a small victory please

  1. Well done you. That’s a lovely loss. I have a little theory that we do need to keep kick-starting our metabolism to keep it going so the pie probably helped! My greatest losses are always on weeks where I have had the occasional fattening option. Keep smiling – like us all you have a lot on your (very small) plate!

    • Thanks, I love finding images and matching them up to what I’m trying to say. Feeling absolutely ravenous ATM so those 2lbs might go back on shortly! Good luck with the Easter choc! Xx

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