#WobblesWednesday – maintaining that status quo

I’d better explain that title before you all start thinking I’m a double-denim clad rrrrrrocker:

Status quo is a Latin term meaning the existing state of affairs. It is a commonly used form of the original Latin “statu quo” – literally “the state in which”.

Yep, I’ve stayed the same for the third week running. I know exactly why and, as per my post last week I’m not going to play the blame game or chastise myself about it. I’ve lost a stone since January and that is good news!

I know why I haven’t lost any weight. On Sunday – Mothers Day – we had a lovely meal, all the things I’d been avoiding and it was very tasty:
Homemade macaroni cheese with mature cheddar and bacon strips
Tear and share garlic bread
Hotel Chocolat choccies, I was given loads at Christmas. I’d decided to have some on Sunday and save some for my birthday.
All washed down with a bottle of my favourite wine.

All very carb-heavy and indulgent, but scrummy.

I had hoped to loose another half stone by my birthday – 3 weeks yesterday – I’m not sure if this realistic so I’ll hope for a few lbs instead. The downside to it falling on a Tuesday is that there will be a meal out, there will be chocolate cake and then the scales will tell their tale the day after.

But, like I’ve said, this is a long-haul, blips will happen, it’s just unfortunate mine have happened all at once.

There is a programme called The New Normal on E4 at the moment, see below for a summary.

“Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) are a happy gay couple living in Los Angeles, with successful careers. The only thing missing in their relationship is a baby. They meet Goldie Clemmons, (Georgia King), a single mother and waitress from Ohio. Goldie left her adulterous husband and moved to L.A. with her nine-year-old daughter Shania (Bebe Wood) to escape their former life and start over. Jane (Ellen Barkin), Goldie’s conservative and very bigoted grandmother, follows her family to the city against her granddaughter’s wishes, thus causing havoc for her granddaughter and the hopeful couple. Goldie decides to become Bryan and David’s gestational surrogate, and naturally, her family gets involved.”

The grandmother character has very extreme, bigoted views and the quotes below are from the time she sabotaged her great-granddaughter’s (Shania) pretend wedding to a fellow classmate, simply because she didn’t approve, The dialogue was between one of the gay fathers-to-be and the great-granddaughter.

Bryan: “I know you’re disappointed that the wedding didn’t happen, but when I’m sad I like to do something called “eat my feelings” and I’d like to share it with you.”

Shania: “What’s that?”

Bryan: “Well, when you feel sad you just eat stuff til you’re not sad anymore. It’s really healing. Try it. Who needs boys when you can have sugar?”

Shania: “He wasn’t that great anyway.”

Bryan: “It’s ok honey, keep eating.”

The above exchange just rang so true with me, something that has been the cause of this whole chunk of blubber that I carry around with me, something I’m determined to break the cycle of and, like the title says “get fab”.

Linking in with Kate at nakedmum.co.uk, you can read her Wobbles Wednesday post here.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘



14 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – maintaining that status quo

  1. I enjoyed this post! I always know the reasons behind staying the same or gaining. Staying the same is always a bit of a kick up the backside for me. Well done on what you have lost so far, you’re doing fab.

    MH xxxx

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