#WobblesWednesday – Stuck in a rut…

…but it’s my own fault.

My downfall this week was pizza, a takeaway pizza. As I need to blame someone or something as well as myself, I’m blaming “Supersize versus Superskinny”, the programme where a very very overweight person swaps diets with a very underweight person for a few days in order that both can see the disadvantages of their diets. They are then given a diet programme and revisited 3 months later to check on progress.

The programme featured someone who ate vast amounts of pizza a week (yuck!) and they were constantly showing shots of pizza. Oh dear, I obsessed about it for 24 hours before giving in. Realising afterwards that I hadn’t eaten pizza since last October! It was nice though.

As a result, I haven’t lost or gained this week. I’m not down about it though, having previously been addicted to exercise and verging on bulimic before I had my first child. It’s part of my personality and I can’t afford mentally to let myself get addicted/obsessed like that again, for my children’s sake.

This lifestyle change isn’t a race, I don’t want first place or a gold medal. It’s a marathon and I’m in it for the long haul, going the distance.

It’s still a stone lost since the start of 2013 and as the tortoise says “slow and steady…”

Wobbles Wednesday is an initiative started by Kate at nakedmum, providing a support network via the #WobblesWednesday hashtag on twitter. Kate’s post – and she’s definitely back on track *yay* – can be read here.here (click on the link to read).

Thanks for reading Jx 😘



15 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – Stuck in a rut…

  1. We had takeaway pizza recently and it was yuk. I seriously regretted it. Am glad you have stayed on track. I’m the same…slow like the tortoise. Maintaining is as good as a loss. It means we are in control and even though we do indulge, we know when to stop. xx

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