Silent Sunday



A slight slip-up

A slightly guilty poem:

“Oh I don’t know,
I look at my flabby bits and I know they have to go,
Or at least diminish.

I don’t want to be in a magazine
With the world’s largest backside.
I’ve been dieting since January
And it’s now not so wide.

So why, oh why
Have I just had some chocolate?
Because it made me feel calmer
But now I feel like I should scold.
“A little of what you fancy does you good”
I’ve been told.

I didn’t have it all, I had three bits out of six.
I can still taste the chocolate, I’ve had my “fix”.
That chocolate was meant to be had on my birthday,
Get over it J, tomorrow is a new day.


#WobblesWednesday – I’ll just take a small victory please

Okay, I’ll start straight off with the loss because I’m in that sort of mood today – 2lb off since last week. Which I’m really pleased about, I’m back on the “lifestyle change” train – good!

Part of me is surprised though, it’s been a mixture of eating the protein and the vegetables when I’m motivated (most of the time) and having the occasional not-so-good meal when I’m not – chicken pie (I fancied some pastry) and fish and chips at the weekend. BUT I haven’t gone overboard with it (I used a children’s size plate for both meals) and I guess it was balanced out with the healthier options.

This is how the week has felt though:


Juggling the proverbial balls marked “children, autism, meltdowns – D had 4 after school yesterday – tiredness, writing, Hubbie and the last one…sanity”. It’s felt like if one drops, they all will. Roll on a bit of a break in the Easter holidays, but not too much chocolate!

My tips for the coming week would be:

Using that smaller plate for a slightly unhealthier meal. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Everyone needs an occasional lapse but don’t let it deter you, the next day is a new day. Okay, I gave in and had the pie but it was very tasty and now I won’t want another one for a while.

Have a bowl of dry cereal at night if the munchies visit. Having them dry would almost feel like crisps (!) and they’re reasonably low calorie and low fat.

Linking up with Kate at for #WobblesWednesday, without which I think I’d have ditched the diet long ago. Here’s how Kate has got on this week (click to read).

Looking forward to reading how everyone else has got on, good luck with Easter choc! Jx

Simply Be have some great cover-ups

The blossoms are appearing on the trees, the Spring flowers are warily popping through the soil after a wet and cold Winter, better weather is (hopefully) on the way!

With the thought of sunnier weather – whether a summer holiday away or a stayaction is planned – comes the thought “how do I cover my wobbly bits up on the beach/a sun lounger in the back garden?”

Simply Be have some great cover-up suggestions this year. Whether you’re after a convertible sarong (very practical for wrapping around as soon as you’re out of the pool), an elegant kaftan or a stunning sunhat, Simply Be have a great, affordable range online.

I think this Joanna Hope kaftan is stunning (click on the link for more details). A lovely range of colours and would not look out of place worn over a vest top with trousers for sightseeing/eating out as well as covering up by the pool.


Why not complete the look with some Melissa Odabash accessories too? Perfect for summer days and evenings.

This leopard print tunic by Gemma Collins isn’t in swimwear, but I think this would look great for those summer evenings out too.


Disclaimer: Brought to you by Simply Be. However views are my own.

#WobblesWednesday – back on the downward slope

Yes, I’m back on the downward slope after 3 weeks (?) of staying the same.

Yay! Mind you, I have discovered that my scales can vary in their readings by 3 stone or so on various floorings upstairs.

I truly was a nakedmum, trying to find a true-ish reading, so I’ve gone back to my original place – in the bathroom, just by that funny little white spot on the lino. What that funny little spot is I don’t know, it was there before we moved in, it refuses to be scrubbed or picked away but it’s my marker so it serves a purpose.

1.5 lbs down, despite the carbs described below.

There is a new series of Secret Eaters (Channel 4, Thursdays, 8pm) starting next week. I think it’s definitely worth a watch, Anna Richardson has provided some good tips in the write-up in TVTimes magazine and I’ve replicated them below:

1. The biggest tip is to be mindful about what you eat. Don’t sit in front of your TV or computer screen whilst having dinner. Sit with no distractions and focus on what you’re eating.

2. Liquid calories also count. Alcohol is second only to fat in calories.

3. Serve yourself food on a plate and then remove any temptation around you, so no-all-you-can-eat buffets! See the evidence of your good consumption in front of you, be it chicken bones or food wrappers. Psychologically, if you can see what you’ve consumed then you’ll eat less.

I think they are great tips! Ones that I’m definitely going to take heed of.

So, what’s my plan for the week ahead?

I need to up my protein intake and reduce my white carb intake. I’ve been finding beans on toast (no butter, just spread with bovril) a quick, satisfying meal but it is stodgy, I do feel better with a higher protein percentage.

I’ve already done some hard-boiled eggs this morning, ideal snack for me. Left to cool with a smidgen of black pepper. I haven’t been brave enough to take one into the coffee shop to peel whilst enjoying a skinny, decaff mocha but I might later!

I am starting to see a difference in the 15.5lbs lost, it’s good to see proof and that alone is an incentive to bear in mind the tips above and carry on, carrying on. Slow and steady WILL work!

Linking up with Kate at nakedmum – please click on the link to read how she and other ladies have been getting on this week.

My end image is a piece of artwork by Peter Smith, he does the most gorgeous bunny pictures (readers of my autism blog will know that my daughter’s special comforter is Bunny), this image is called “One at a time please” and I think it’s brilliant! One day I’ll have a copy of this in my bathroom, yes, on the wall right near that funny white spot on the floor!


Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to linking up and reading/commenting on other posts Jx 😘

BassBuds – chance to attend the celebrity launch party/win some great prizes!

It’s a rainy Sunday, how do you/over 18’s in the house fancy the chance of attending a launch party with BassBuds next weekend? Bassbuds? What are they?

Here’s the answer: High Performance in ear Headphones with Hands-free Mic and MP3 controller
(I love the fact there’s such a choice of colours “clicks on purple”).

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Some further information from the site:
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Thanks for reading, please feel free to share and good luck if you enter.