“Comme ci Comme ca” #WobblesWednesday

It’s Wednesday, I’m wobbly and that means its time to link up with Kate @ The Naked Mum and all the other lovely ladies, supporting each other on our weight loss and healthier lifestyle journeys.

If only it were as simple as this:


Click a button and you’re there. But it’s not. You need to be in the emotional mindset, to want to do it for you, not anyone else. Families being the obvious exception, as a parent/carer I want and need to be as healthy as possible for my children.

So, how have I done this week? Well, the bathroom scales are being a little bit “unpredictable” shall we say. My previous spot in the bathroom – which could be relied on, that one just by the towel rail – is no longer reliable and it gave me three different readings this morning. I’m taking the average of the three and assuming that I’ve stayed the same – no loss, no gain. I shall be travelling about the upstairs of my house this weekend, trying to find a new weigh-in place. Knowing my luck it will be in one of the children’s bedrooms, that would certainly wake them up with a jolt next Wednesday, their Mumma flashing away, trying to get an accurate weigh-in! Oh, you have to laugh…

If I’m being realistic, that result seems about right to me. It was half-term last week and whilst I wasn’t an out-and-out piggie, I didn’t deprive myself. I just didn’t go overboard. We had a couple of medical appointments for my daughter and, as per usual, I made sure I packed all their food/drink requirements for the trips and forgot about me, ending up grabbing a sandwich from a shop. Not the most healthiest or cost effective options.


So, my tips this week:

Be prepared: I’m always going to try and have a low fat/low calorie option for me in my handbag. As mentioned before, I’m a bit partial to Kingsmill pancakes, the syrup and sultana versions have 120-ish calories and 1.2g of fat. A couple of those would happily see me through any munchies crisis whilst out and about.

Water intake: I’m guilty of definitely not drinking enough water last week. Too much going on. Again, I need to carry a bottle around with me. Good for the skin and the digestive system.

Keep in mind a goal, sometimes it’s easier if its not an end goal, but an interim one. Now that I’ve lost a stone, my next interim goal is the next half stone. I also want to wear and look good in this:


A Karen Millen dress that I last wore a few years ago. Realistically it won’t be by our wedding anniversary (May) but maybe by the summer.

So, that’s me. A definite “Comme ci, Comme ca” week but it’s still a stone off so far and that thought will spur me on to hopefully a loss next week. Looking forward to reading how everyone else has done, here’s a Linky if anyone would like to join in.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘


14 thoughts on ““Comme ci Comme ca” #WobblesWednesday

  1. Well done, ive joined up with everyone too. Its hard to go it alone so Im there if anyone needs the support. Lovely dress, dont forget to post pics when you get there x

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