DGJ Organics Haircare – Product Review

One of the purposes of my second blog was to review products that don’t “sit” within my autism blog, this review is far better placed here on my lifestyle blog.

I was recently sent some Haircare products to review by DGJ Organics – Daniel Galvin Junior.


I’ve been using them for a few weeks now so feel able to give a review.

The products I was sent were HairJuice Clarifying Shampoo, HairJuice Everyday Conditioner and Berutti Oil.

The DGJ website has a whole range of Haircare products for both adults and children.

The clarifying shampoo;


The shampoo is “designed to gently remove everyday product build up and hard water. It will give your hair a fresh start and restore shine and vitality”.

It’s certainly done that! The shampoo also has the most AMAZING smell to it, predominantly mandarin, lovely to use. As I have past shoulder-length hair, I was concerned about how much I would need to use and its lathering ability but, a ten-piece sized amount does go a long way. It rinses out very easily (it’s recommended you leave it on for one minute) and leaves your hair smelling gorgeous.

Next, the conditioner


A wonderfully melon-scented conditioner, with proteins which “adjusts to individual hair and scalp requirements”.

It’s recommended that you apply a generous amount and leave on for up to 5 minutes. As my hair is colour-treated and the ends tend to be dry, this worked a treat.

I’ve alternated between using the conditioner and the Berutti Oil as, especially in the mornings, I don’t always have time for the full recommended conditioner time.


This is applied to towel-dried hair, mid-length to ends before either blow drying or letting your hair dry naturally. Oil stirs up connotations of chip fat and greasy hair to me (previously) but it works and has a wonderfully calming smell which stays with you. And it works, soothing hair and combating frizz.

And the prices for these lovely products?
The shampoo and conditioner are each priced at £5.99, the Berutti Oil at £7.99. All available from the dgjorganics.com website and all a reasonable price within the Haircare market.

A definite thumbs-up and hair-swish from me!

Disclaimer: I was sent a Haircare bundle to review, I was not paid to write this post.


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