#WobblesWednesday – Over that first hurdle!

Kate aka @kateonthinice aka nakedmum.co.uk is in sunny (I hope) Orlando this week and I’m hosting this week’s Wobbles Wednesday for her.

Kate started this great initiative in the New Year, it’s a weekly blog hop for mums (and dads!) who are travelling on a weight loss journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone is welcome to take part and you can join in by linking up below, using the hashtag #WobblesWednesday on twitter and share tips and mention how your week has gone.

So, how has my week been? Well the stress cloud has still been over me this week and this has led me to worship at the altar of the Malteser Bunny, not as often as I would have done previously but… I felt it was easier to give in and have a mini Bunny then obsess about them and end up eating two or three normal sized ones.


Couple my mini slip-ups with a hefty dose of PMT and my weight loss this week has been 1lb, which means that I have lost a stone since January 1st. I’m pleased that I’ve gone over that hurdle, despite everything, and thinking like the proverbial tortoise “slow and steady”.

My tips for this week:

Keep your water intake up. Sometimes your body thinks it’s hungry but it needs a drink instead. If plain water is not for you, try diluting no-added sugar squash or flavoured water. I like the Perfectly Clear range with lemon and lime (check the labels though that it’s low sugar otherwise it’s just empty calories).

Sushi – low in fat and low in calories. I prefer the vegetarian sushi to raw fish but nom nom, my snack of choice at the moment.

I’m still really enjoying sugar snap peas when the need for something crunchy takes over.

I haven’t got to Curves yet – it’s half term for us – I’m hoping to get there for the initial assessment next week and I’m looking forward to starting the sessions, toning up and keeping the scales going downwards.

Please use the linky below/comment to link your blog up, remember good week or not-so-good week, we’re all here to support each other. I’ll read, comment and RT every link received to keep the momentum going.

Today’s end picture is another card I saw in a local shop, it made me giggle.


Thanks for reading, this is the first time I’ve used a linky so I hope it works (it seems to be working, just not displaying the links on first page). I hope everyone’s had a good week and Kate’s having a fab-u-lous time!


16 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – Over that first hurdle!

  1. That’s a lot to lose in 6 six weeks, well done J. I have just started watching what I eat and have given up chocolate so will be interesting to see if your blog inspires me to keep going.

  2. I still have no broadband which makes posting on the blog near enough impossible! Hopefully it will be sorted by next week but here’s a quick update:

    My sprained ankle is much better
    I’ve enrolled in the national exercise referral scheme
    I’m still comfort eating and have scoffed a lot of chocolate
    I’m living in comfy clothes because I’m scared of the muffin top I’ll definitely get next time I wear jeans
    My scales have died, which is just as we’ll because

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