#WobblesWednesday – Wibbling away..

I’m going to be honest upfront and say that the healthy eating regime hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind this last week.

But I’m proud of myself, we’ve had a very stressful few days personally, and it culminated in me having a panic attack on Monday evening. This was quite (okay, very) scary until I remembered reading about them and I recalled a couple of tips (post about the symptoms here)..

The “old” J would have dived into the sweetie jar, anything to make her feel better. The “new” J calmed down, grateful that it had passed and that her children hasn’t seen it, had a bath and went to bed!

So, whilst I haven’t been rigidly sticking to my tried and trusted regime, I haven’t been over-indulging either and the scales said…I’d lost another 2lbs, bringing my total so far this year to 13lbs, a lb short of a stone which, hopefully I’ll break through next week.

I haven’t had my Curves assessment yet, I’ve had to move it to the week after half term. I know once I get past the initial “ohmigod, this woman is measuring everything” and once I’m in a routine of going, I’ll enjoy it and reap the benefits.

My tips for this week:

Believe in yourself and visualise a piece of clothing that you haven’t been able to wear for a while. For me, it’s a Karen Millen strappy green dress with beading and a flamenco-type hemline. I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear it and look half-decent but once I can, there will be pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ve been taking a side-view and frontal picture every week since January, trying to hopefully see a difference, this week I think I could. That’s encouraging and motivation in itself.

Going to end on a funny note today, I was looking for a birthday card for someone and found this, so funny!


Looking forward to reading how everyone else has got on this week, onwards and downwards (scales wise)! Jx


16 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – Wibbling away..

  1. yay .. the count down to your 1st stone is on its way!! your doing a fantastic job and how great that your still feeling so positive! i think that is sometimes the key to it all!

    I love that card!

  2. You are doing so well. By the way can you email me your address as you have won a book (the one Jamie wrote a review of) for a post a couple of weeks back. Wishing you a happier week all round. You are allowed to be human – we all are. Thanks for all your support which helps keep me going

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