Sickly whoopie cake…silly me

Oh gawd, day after #wobbleswednesday and I should not have clicked on a blog last night that detailed how to make red velvet whoopie cakes.

It was on my mind after dropping D off “I wonder if they’re still in Waitrose?” Silly question, of course they are!

So, what happens? I bought one and only checked the nutritional content afterwards and almost had a wobbly moment:

“Product Summary
Waitrose Cookies & Cream Whoopie Pie each
Typical values per pie
Energy 393 kcal

Fat 18.54 g”

This info is for the Cookies and Cream but I imagine its about the same for red velvet ones.

What a waste, nearly as much fat as a meal which would have filled me up a lot more and not left an over-sweet sickly taste. Grrrr!


Anyway, moving on…
I’ve been in and booked up a fitness assessment with Curves for next week, so I need to get some suitable gym shoes this weekend. It all looked a bit basic in there but having read a blog last night about someone who did very well, it should do the job.

Bit worried about the whole measuring and weighing stuff. Another lady was in there being kalipered, in full view of everyone. What if my scales are …*gulp* faulty and I haven’t been going down, what if I break their scales (all unlikely I know but it’s fear of the unknown).

So, that flipping whoopie pie was lunch, rubbish eh? Lesson definitely learnt and (I guess) roll on the Curves assessment, hope my bruises have calmed down by then too otherwise they might think I’m battered as well as FAT!



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