#WobblesWednesday … Following a*se over t*t Tuesday

Another week, another weigh-in for #WobblesWednesday.

It’s been five weeks now, this “lifestyle change”, I think I’d prefer to call it that than diet, because what I’m ultimately aiming for is a healthier lifestyle.

One thing I’m starting to notice is my taste buds are changing. We had a Chinese takeaway at the weekend and I could really taste the oil and fat used, and not in a good way. I’m still sniffing away at chocolate if Hubbie has some but the smell seems to be better than the taste (if that makes sense).

I read this article yesterday in Closer magazine and felt nothing but sympathy for the woman:

You can read the article online here, having a relative who has suffered immense health complications from being that large, I can’t imagine why someone would deliberately want to get even bigger, but unfortunately the headline says it all.

Speaking of headlines, mine refers to the fact I decided to topple down the stairs yesterday, bash face-first into D’s special needs buggy and then crash into the radiator. Feeling bruised but grateful nothing was broken.

Weightloss this week has been 2lbs, so that’s a total of 11lbs lost since starting this and I’m looking forward to going over the stone mark within the next two weeks.

My top tips for the week:

As mentioned, we had a Chinese takeaway at the weekend, I found that by using a smaller-than-normal plate I wasn’t tempted to eat as much.

I also added a bowl of grated carrot to our selection and mixed that in with the rice, meaning I kept up my veggie quota and reduced the amount of rice I had.

Look out for vouchers: our Council uses the Recyclebank scheme to encourage recycling. You receive points that can be exchanged for vouchers, one of them is 66% off the Curves joining fee! I’m waiting for my voucher to arrive and will then sign up, according to the blurb 500 calories can be burned off in just one session! It will all help to keep momentum going when the weight loss stabilises. Just need to find some suitable gym trainers, any recommendations?

So, all things considered I’m happy with my 2lb off, glad I’m not tweeting from a hospital bed and looking forward to linking up again next week.

#WobblesWednesday was started by @kateonthinice and you can read her blog here.

Thanks for reading, comments/RTs/shares welcomed Jx 😘



10 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday … Following a*se over t*t Tuesday

  1. Well done you. A 2 pound loss is great in just one week and you will feel amazing when you celebrate that first stone and not far to go now. Congraultions. Thanks for all your support and for linking up. Also so pleased that you are OK as that fall sounded nasty. Here’s to a fabulous week.

    • Thanks Kate, I hope you have a good week too. Yes, I’m lucky after yesterday, very bruised and achy but all in one piece. It’s going to be a good feeling, getting over that first stone hurdle (few more behind it though!) x

  2. I did a blog post about Curves in 2011, along with a competition to win a membership. Can definitely say that it works, having met the lovely Kerry who shed a hell of a lot of weight after joining up. http://www.mummycentral.com/competition-celebrating-your-curves-but-not-too-many-of-them/
    And well done on your 2lbs. I’m losing weight at a rate of 1 – 2lbs a week, and I’m told that it’s more likely to stay off when it comes off gradually.

    • Thanks for details of that post, that was brilliant, well done to Kerry! I’m looking forward even more to getting started now (hopefully next week as I badly bruised my foot yesterday when I decided to dive down the stairs).

      I definitely think a loss of 1-2lbs is more sustainable and more likely to stay off than 5lbs or more.

      We’ll get there!!

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