#WobblesWednesday – make like a Brownie and “Be Prepared”!

I’ve not been feeling the dieting (no, let’s not call it “diet) ahem, healthier lifestyle luuuurve this week.

I was ill all over the weekend, raging burning-like sore throat and generally zero energy. Eating anything but the softest foods hurt my throat too much and when Hubbie suggested fish and chips from the chippie, it met with very little resistance.

I’m feeling much better now and back on track, which again is good news. Old me would have told myself “told you, you couldn’t stick to it.” 2013 J has said “it was another blip, these are going to happen, remember why you’re doing this”.

And I am. There’s a countdown on this blog and I might up the stakes too. My daughter is currently fixated by weddings and Hubbie is always saying we should renew our vows, so I’m thinking I might add another incentive onto my countdown. I was pregnant with T when we married so wedding bouquet of freesias covered up a bump, hopefully next time there won’t be anything hiding any bumps!

The scales are telling me I’ve lost between 1lb (realistic) and 3lbs (very doubtful) so I’m going to compromise and say it’s a 2lb loss this week, which takes me nicely over the half stone mark and keeping on in the right direction.

My top tips (pop-pickers) for this week:

Be prepared! Hence the title. I love making up soups – lots of veggies, bit of seasoning, boil them for a few minutes, then blitz then with a hand blender. If you want to add a bit of thickness, add some whole meal breadcrumbs to the mix. No need to bother with cream. Once cooled, you can either keep in the fridge in containers or freeze. I love the way that you can make different coloured soups by adding more of one particular veggie, none of my soup batches ever taste the same.

Jaffa cakes – each cake (or is it a biscuit?) is 1g of fat and 46 calories (I think). Compare that to 13g of fat in a shortbread finger.

It may sound obvious but include your coffee shop coffee in your calorie/points count, switch to skimmed milk if you haven’t already. Virtually no taste difference or calcium variation.

Hubbie is being very supportive, he has said though “don’t loose too much. You’ll need to buy a new wardrobe”. Very practical as ever (bless him) and I think I’m a way off sporting the fashionably baggy look. I don’t think men realise that women tend to hold into clothes and can have a variation of “wardrobes” in one wardrobe. There’s always something kept aside for “slimmer” days.

As ever, linking up with Kate for “Wobbles Wednesday”, you can read how her week has gone here

Thanks for reading Jx 😘



16 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – make like a Brownie and “Be Prepared”!

  1. Sorry you have been under the weather. I narrowly averted fish and chip shop treats last night when the family had them. Daughter helped on that one. Great tips and yes I love soup and all its home-made variation too. We will do this.. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for linking up.

    • Thanks Kate, it’s a good chance every Wednesday to really think about what’s working and what isn’t. We’re all gaining support and loosing what the weight, which is brill!

  2. Love your husband’s practical approach to support. I feel your pain about gaining weight when ill. I’m also a fan of Jaffa Cakes & homemade soup but have never tried the breadcrumbs idea – sounds lovely.

    Thanks for introducing me to @Nakedmum’s #WobblesWednesday link via your Twitter post. Have joined in as I definitely need the motivation & support.

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