#WobblesWednesday – feeling cold but carrying on

I have to admit, it’s been difficult this week, sticking to my new regime. It’s been SO cold and I’ve been visualising traditional British comfort food – crumble and custard, bacon rolls etc.

I had a minor blip on Friday and briefly slipped up – you can read about it here – but I’m back on track now.

I have another reason for seriously disliking this weather, one that has contributed to how I’ve felt over the last couple of years, and as 1st February draws closer, it plays on my mind. Its blogged here. Honestly, there’s no basis for me to feel anxious on that date, he’s not going to remember – unless he’s completely unbalanced and keeps a list of who he attacks – and leaps out with a “Happy Attack Anniversary” card. Mind you, if he did and signed it, I’d have a name for the police lol.

Anyway, pulling myself up from that and moving on…

I’ve lost another 3lbs this week, making my total so far 6lbs, nearly half a stone. And that will keep me motivated to carry on. D was 6lb 12oz when she was born, so that’s a good benchmark.

My top tips that have helped me this week:

I’m tracking my weight loss in the calendar section of my phone, putting in weight and amount lost as an “event” every Wednesday. It’s a visual reminder to keep going.

Frubes (fromage frais tubes) are a good low calorie, low fat option if you’re craving something quick and sweet. 105 calories and the calcium is always useful too.

I’ve changed my choice of munchie in the evening to sugar snap peas. 100g worth is approximately 31 calories and virtually no fat. Nice crunchy texture too, a bit like celery, you really feel you’re giving your jaws a workout!!

Sushi – so filling and so low calorie and low fat. Not the raw fish one though (bleurgh), but the vegetarian options.

I was feeling incredibly grumpy last night, craving all manner of foods and I opened a Dairy Milk bar, sniffed it and gave it to Hubbie. He was delighted lol, but the sniffing seemed to do the trick (again).

So, what with the weather, 1st February looming and severe cravings, I’m pleased with a 3lb loss. Looking forward to next week and going over (fingers crossed) that half stone mark.


Thanks for reading, Jx ๐Ÿ˜˜


11 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday – feeling cold but carrying on

  1. I think you have done really well. I have stolen your sniffing trip for all manner of treats and it works! Have you tried turkey rashers instead of bacon? An idea for you anyway. Good tips from you too. Thanks for linking up to #WobblesWednesday. We can do this and here’s to that half stone announcement next week.

  2. Really hard to do this in such nasty weather – but think how thankful we will be when we are running around in the heat this summer (well, we can dream about sunshine anyway!)

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