Had a minor blip..

…well, I hope it’s minor.

It’s sooooo cold at the moment and, as I don’t drive, a high proportion of my day is spent walking. Walking to two different schools in the morning, walking on to the supermarket. Walking home, walking to the schools again in the afternoon.

I needed something more substantial as my snack than a little pancake yesterday (Kingsmill, 102 calories) and thought a scotch egg (no, I’m not a 70’s throwback) from Waitrose would be nice – thinking “protein in the egg blah blah, I’d walk it off and nom nom”.

They had some in their deli counter “scotch egg with black p”, I assumed it meant pepper, nothing indicated otherwise so brought it. Unwrapped, had a nibble and bleurgh! Receipt indicated it was black pudding. You’d think with something as controversial as that (black pudding contains pigs blood btw), the label would have been fuller, but no. Needless to say, only egg was eaten.

Today’s blip was more major. Flipping freezing walking up to the shops today and I thought “I’d like a bacon roll”, Hubbie went to bakery, bacon rolls were sold out so he came back with a sausage roll (I guess in his mind, roll equals roll).

Reader, I ate it. I could taste the fat, the unhealthy elements but it was warm and I was cold.

And I had a biscuit this afternoon.

But I’ve upped my veggie intake at tea time and I have my beetroot for later.

Old J last year would have said “no, that’s it you stupid cow, you’ve wrecked your diet. Now you’re feeling miserable eat something else. Go on.”

New J has decided “yes, it was a blip but blimey….you’re human and cold. New day tomorrow”.

Oh and I was going to complain in the shop about the label for the scotch egg, it’s been amended, I think it had been folded over yesterday. Good. Not many sold though bleurgh.



3 thoughts on “Had a minor blip..

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