#WobblesWednesday Getting used to it..

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking in with @kateonthinice’s #WobblesWednesday post, click here to read her post this week.

I’m pleased that I’m sticking with my healthier eating and, more relevant for me, healthily snacking. Snacking has been my downfall and that is the thing that needed to change.

I’ve given in and bought some electronic scales, the weight machines in Boots might not say your weight out loud, but a big clear voice booms out “measuring your weight and height” and, as it’s situated near the prescriptions and camera areas, there isn’t much privacy.

So, I think I’ve lost 3lbs this week, which I’m very happy with and it’s given me the extra bit of motivation to keep on going (and going).

Things I’ve discovered this week:

Sniffing chocolate! That sounds bizarre but it’s helped. Hubbie still tucks into his Dairy Milk at night and I inhale the smell of the chocolate once he’s first opened it and that’s enough for me.

I can walk through Marks and Spencer’s food hall without succumbing. Yes, the cookies, cakes and biscuits look lovely but I don’t need them.

Alternatives to beetroot. I was getting a bit bored with it and I’m not keen on vinegar. There are alternatives, I like beetroot in it’s natural juices but I’m trying out different snacks. I’m writing this in Starbucks, Mr H in the buggy asleep, just had my decaf skinny mocha and some sugar snap peas. Delicious and 30calories for a small bag.

Little pancakes are a very good alternative when only something sweet will do. I’ll have one of these if I’m absolutely craving something, but only stopping at one and eating it like a little mouse, enjoying the taste.

I think I’m sleeping better not having those high fat, high sugar snacks at night. A definite bonus!

So, I’m a happy J, long way to go but I’m pleased with progress and that I’m sticking to this healthier eating, which can only be beneficial in the long run.

Thanks for reading Jx


6 thoughts on “#WobblesWednesday Getting used to it..

  1. Good to hear you are doing so well. Great loss and these smaller amounts will add up to big ones before we know it. I don’t mean you have lost a small amount cos you have done so well but rather how much fun it is to add up where we would be if we kept losing at that rate by year end. Great tips for the sweet-toothed too.
    Like you sniffing, I find posting recipes on my blog of more fattening stuff also helps which is odd but true.
    Thanks so much for linking up. Looking forward to celebrating when we hit our targets in due course

    • I’m glad you’re a fellow sniffer lol! I felt extremely daft writing about sniffing the bar but it helped me!

      I’ve had a minor blip yesterday and today so hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow *fingers crossed* 🙂

  2. Not sure inhaling chocolate would be enough for me – it would probably fall in my mouth.
    But I know what you mean about those little pancakes. My boys love them for breakfast at the weekends – with extra syrup added on top. I like one with a cup of coffee, and the calorie count isn’t too high.
    You’re doing so well. Keep it up.
    I’ll be posting my update tomorrow on the blog – wish me luck xxx

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