First sniff of temptation..

It’s taken a day off, I knew it would. My willpower has decided to test me today.

D had a dreadful night, bad dreams stemming from return-to-school anxieties and, I think, watching T playing Skylanders yesterday.

So, the chocolate has been calling me this morning: “Jeannette….we’re here….come and find us”…


Being an emotional eater, I’d previously have thought “go on then” and gone for those marbled Marks and Spencer biscuits, but not today.

So I took pictures and then put them back.

*High five* and I think (weirdly) by taking pictures and then putting them straight back, I’ve overcome it for now.

Strange, the way the mind works sometimes.


10 thoughts on “First sniff of temptation..

  1. That’s excellent, well done 🙂 I had to give all our chocolates and biscuits away because I was finding it too hard getting back on track after Christmas. I’ve been ok this week but I’m still craving chocolate since the overload I had but I’m hoping another week back on plan will help get it out of my system and I can go back to enjoying my fruit and yogurt!
    Good luck for the week ahead xx

  2. Really interesting post. Cheesey pasta called me the other day and contributed to my weight gain. Well done you on resisiting those evil voices. Thanks for joining in #WobblesWednesday on Naked Mum

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