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It’s the 3rd January and all over the country, we’re having a go at resolutions. Whether they’re great big ones – like a lifestyle makeover – or a smaller one – like replacing an unhealthy snack with a healthier one.

What doesn’t help is the media. My weekly magazines this week:


“Diet and Fitness special”, “we love our s e x y new bodies” all emphasising that if you don’t conform, you can’t be happy.

Take a very high-profile example of major weight loss – Josie. Now she looks amazing and she’s obviously completely over-hauled what she eats and how she eats it. I saw the beach picture (which is on the front cover of her fitness DVD) back in May and felt sorry for her that she’d been “papped”, imagined how I’d feel in that situation (blooming awful) and hoped it wouldn’t effect her bubbly personae.


But now I’m wondering if those beach pictures were staged. She has just brought out a DVD and a “before” picture was obviously needed.

A six-figure (I imagine) payout was a very good incentive to keep going.

Mrs Josephine Bloggs doesn’t have the funds or the access to a daily personal trainer, or a “diet chef” delivery. We have to fit lifestyle changes around school runs, doctors appointments and our children.

There’s always organisations like WeightWatchers of course, but has anyone noticed that Patsy Kensit’s face seems to have lengthened considerablely in the adverts?
Old picture:


WeightWatchers mailshot:


Isn’t it time that the media and those promoting a healthier alternative were honest?

Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “Images…public images

  1. I feel that the media air brush too many photos for anything to be realistic anymore!! We are all striving to be plastic unreal people as a result of them pressuring us. I for one am an individual and won’t be pressured! Thank you so much for linking up to PocoLo and for all your valued support xx

  2. A really great post and yes it’s time the media was honest. Josie Gibson looks completely unrecognisable and when was Patsy Kensit ever fat!!!??? Most celebs seem to work out for hours a day and us normal folk just don’t have the time or the money to do that *pootles off to eat chocolate* 🙂

    • Agreed, just puts pressure on mere mortals.
      Having said that I’ve linked up my diet to JustGiving, nothing like a bit of pressure on yourself!
      Have some choc for me x

  3. Pah! That just looks like Patsy Kensit’s lengthened face stuck on somebody else’s body! And, to be hones, I don’t think Josie’s ‘before’ body is really all that bad. It’s such a shame that the media make women feel guilty in this way….like Jaime says, being healthy is the important thing.

  4. I agree. I hate the fact that my kids are surrounded by unhelpful and sometimes dishonest marketing/images. I want them to see people who are comfortable in their own skin. I guess it starts with me being accepting too.

    • Agreed, I’ve linked my diet up to JustGiving to raise money for the National Autistic Society but I’ve being careful not to unduly influence my daughter and keep her happy and healthy.

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