#WobblesWednesday – make like a Brownie and “Be Prepared”!

I’ve not been feeling the dieting (no, let’s not call it “diet) ahem, healthier lifestyle luuuurve this week.

I was ill all over the weekend, raging burning-like sore throat and generally zero energy. Eating anything but the softest foods hurt my throat too much and when Hubbie suggested fish and chips from the chippie, it met with very little resistance.

I’m feeling much better now and back on track, which again is good news. Old me would have told myself “told you, you couldn’t stick to it.” 2013 J has said “it was another blip, these are going to happen, remember why you’re doing this”.

And I am. There’s a countdown on this blog and I might up the stakes too. My daughter is currently fixated by weddings and Hubbie is always saying we should renew our vows, so I’m thinking I might add another incentive onto my countdown. I was pregnant with T when we married so wedding bouquet of freesias covered up a bump, hopefully next time there won’t be anything hiding any bumps!

The scales are telling me I’ve lost between 1lb (realistic) and 3lbs (very doubtful) so I’m going to compromise and say it’s a 2lb loss this week, which takes me nicely over the half stone mark and keeping on in the right direction.

My top tips (pop-pickers) for this week:

Be prepared! Hence the title. I love making up soups – lots of veggies, bit of seasoning, boil them for a few minutes, then blitz then with a hand blender. If you want to add a bit of thickness, add some whole meal breadcrumbs to the mix. No need to bother with cream. Once cooled, you can either keep in the fridge in containers or freeze. I love the way that you can make different coloured soups by adding more of one particular veggie, none of my soup batches ever taste the same.

Jaffa cakes – each cake (or is it a biscuit?) is 1g of fat and 46 calories (I think). Compare that to 13g of fat in a shortbread finger.

It may sound obvious but include your coffee shop coffee in your calorie/points count, switch to skimmed milk if you haven’t already. Virtually no taste difference or calcium variation.

Hubbie is being very supportive, he has said though “don’t loose too much. You’ll need to buy a new wardrobe”. Very practical as ever (bless him) and I think I’m a way off sporting the fashionably baggy look. I don’t think men realise that women tend to hold into clothes and can have a variation of “wardrobes” in one wardrobe. There’s always something kept aside for “slimmer” days.

As ever, linking up with Kate for “Wobbles Wednesday”, you can read how her week has gone here

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#WobblesWednesday – feeling cold but carrying on

I have to admit, it’s been difficult this week, sticking to my new regime. It’s been SO cold and I’ve been visualising traditional British comfort food – crumble and custard, bacon rolls etc.

I had a minor blip on Friday and briefly slipped up – you can read about it here – but I’m back on track now.

I have another reason for seriously disliking this weather, one that has contributed to how I’ve felt over the last couple of years, and as 1st February draws closer, it plays on my mind. Its blogged here. Honestly, there’s no basis for me to feel anxious on that date, he’s not going to remember – unless he’s completely unbalanced and keeps a list of who he attacks – and leaps out with a “Happy Attack Anniversary” card. Mind you, if he did and signed it, I’d have a name for the police lol.

Anyway, pulling myself up from that and moving on…

I’ve lost another 3lbs this week, making my total so far 6lbs, nearly half a stone. And that will keep me motivated to carry on. D was 6lb 12oz when she was born, so that’s a good benchmark.

My top tips that have helped me this week:

I’m tracking my weight loss in the calendar section of my phone, putting in weight and amount lost as an “event” every Wednesday. It’s a visual reminder to keep going.

Frubes (fromage frais tubes) are a good low calorie, low fat option if you’re craving something quick and sweet. 105 calories and the calcium is always useful too.

I’ve changed my choice of munchie in the evening to sugar snap peas. 100g worth is approximately 31 calories and virtually no fat. Nice crunchy texture too, a bit like celery, you really feel you’re giving your jaws a workout!!

Sushi – so filling and so low calorie and low fat. Not the raw fish one though (bleurgh), but the vegetarian options.

I was feeling incredibly grumpy last night, craving all manner of foods and I opened a Dairy Milk bar, sniffed it and gave it to Hubbie. He was delighted lol, but the sniffing seemed to do the trick (again).

So, what with the weather, 1st February looming and severe cravings, I’m pleased with a 3lb loss. Looking forward to next week and going over (fingers crossed) that half stone mark.


Thanks for reading, Jx 😘

Had a minor blip..

…well, I hope it’s minor.

It’s sooooo cold at the moment and, as I don’t drive, a high proportion of my day is spent walking. Walking to two different schools in the morning, walking on to the supermarket. Walking home, walking to the schools again in the afternoon.

I needed something more substantial as my snack than a little pancake yesterday (Kingsmill, 102 calories) and thought a scotch egg (no, I’m not a 70’s throwback) from Waitrose would be nice – thinking “protein in the egg blah blah, I’d walk it off and nom nom”.

They had some in their deli counter “scotch egg with black p”, I assumed it meant pepper, nothing indicated otherwise so brought it. Unwrapped, had a nibble and bleurgh! Receipt indicated it was black pudding. You’d think with something as controversial as that (black pudding contains pigs blood btw), the label would have been fuller, but no. Needless to say, only egg was eaten.

Today’s blip was more major. Flipping freezing walking up to the shops today and I thought “I’d like a bacon roll”, Hubbie went to bakery, bacon rolls were sold out so he came back with a sausage roll (I guess in his mind, roll equals roll).

Reader, I ate it. I could taste the fat, the unhealthy elements but it was warm and I was cold.

And I had a biscuit this afternoon.

But I’ve upped my veggie intake at tea time and I have my beetroot for later.

Old J last year would have said “no, that’s it you stupid cow, you’ve wrecked your diet. Now you’re feeling miserable eat something else. Go on.”

New J has decided “yes, it was a blip but blimey….you’re human and cold. New day tomorrow”.

Oh and I was going to complain in the shop about the label for the scotch egg, it’s been amended, I think it had been folded over yesterday. Good. Not many sold though bleurgh.


#WobblesWednesday Getting used to it..

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking in with @kateonthinice’s #WobblesWednesday post, click here to read her post this week.

I’m pleased that I’m sticking with my healthier eating and, more relevant for me, healthily snacking. Snacking has been my downfall and that is the thing that needed to change.

I’ve given in and bought some electronic scales, the weight machines in Boots might not say your weight out loud, but a big clear voice booms out “measuring your weight and height” and, as it’s situated near the prescriptions and camera areas, there isn’t much privacy.

So, I think I’ve lost 3lbs this week, which I’m very happy with and it’s given me the extra bit of motivation to keep on going (and going).

Things I’ve discovered this week:

Sniffing chocolate! That sounds bizarre but it’s helped. Hubbie still tucks into his Dairy Milk at night and I inhale the smell of the chocolate once he’s first opened it and that’s enough for me.

I can walk through Marks and Spencer’s food hall without succumbing. Yes, the cookies, cakes and biscuits look lovely but I don’t need them.

Alternatives to beetroot. I was getting a bit bored with it and I’m not keen on vinegar. There are alternatives, I like beetroot in it’s natural juices but I’m trying out different snacks. I’m writing this in Starbucks, Mr H in the buggy asleep, just had my decaf skinny mocha and some sugar snap peas. Delicious and 30calories for a small bag.

Little pancakes are a very good alternative when only something sweet will do. I’ll have one of these if I’m absolutely craving something, but only stopping at one and eating it like a little mouse, enjoying the taste.

I think I’m sleeping better not having those high fat, high sugar snacks at night. A definite bonus!

So, I’m a happy J, long way to go but I’m pleased with progress and that I’m sticking to this healthier eating, which can only be beneficial in the long run.

Thanks for reading Jx

Giving myself motivation

Hubbie bought me some Hotel Chocolat goodies for Christmas.

I’d forgotten about them until he just asked if I’d eaten them….umm no, diet!


That’s a picture of them with today’s paper – which is free from Waitrose (otherwise I wouldn’t normally have the Mail).

He has bet me that they’ll be eaten before my birthday in April, I’m disagreeing. There’s nothing like a friendly wager between spouses eh?