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This post started out as a bit of fun and an entry into a competition run by MoneySupermarket.com but I’ve found it really interesting to tally up just what’s in my handbag!


There’s my handbag above, no-one who knows me will be surprised that it’s purple.

Lets start the tally….

Firstly, the handbag above, it’s by Ted Baker and I think it retailed at £120. I bought it with some John Lewis vouchers I won in a Waitrose monthly draw. Yes, jammy madam……kerching!

But what’s in it?


First up we have the iPads, one is mine, one is D’s. Mine is like an extension of my phone, D’s is more for leisure and calming activities. Retailed at £399 and £329 respectively….kerching!

Next is my phone, used for texts, tweeting, blogging, playing music and taking/making the occasional call too. I couldn’t be without it. Apple suggest a retail price of between £15-449 for an Apple 4s. I’d veer towards the higher end as it’s invaluable….kerching!

With my phone are my Bose headphones, cannot fault the sound quality. A present from Hubbie a while back. £69….kerching!

My purse: a Ted Baker present a couple of years ago. Think it was £99. I only tend to carry between £10-30 cash in there at any one time as I’m a take-the-cash-out-if-you-need-it-girl. So £129….kerching!

My sunglasses and glasses: I now have to wear a prescription and carry both pairs around due to our weather! Bought from Boots on a two-for-one deal. £189 + £25 insurance.

My keys: sentimental value obviously but to replace them all…?£50….kerching!

And lastly, Bunny (or @AutismBunny), she’s been with D since birth. Was £6.95 but is absolutely priceless. Similar sell on ebay for up to £20 but Bunny cannot be valued.

So, what’s in my handbag…..flipping heck! £1736.

Two obvious comments arising from this:

One, I’m pleased that we have individual items cover on our contest insurance and
Two, thank goodness Mr Bluecrisps hasn’t read this, otherwise he’d be hiring security!!

#WobblesWednesday – Kickin’ butt!

(This has been me this morning, gingerly stepping on the scales)

Kate at nakedmum.co.uk is having a little blogging break so I’m hosting #WobblesWednesday for the next couple of weeks for her.

It’s an online support group – founded by Kate at the start of this year – to support bloggers wanting to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. We share tips, comments and support, anyone is welcome to join. Please link up below and tweet using the #WobblesWednesday.

I’ve had a few weeks off, to deal with a family matter – you can read about it here – hopefully we are over the worst and I’m back, kicking my big butt…well, up the butt and motivating myself again.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been an absolute piggie during the last few weeks but I am emotional eater and, boy, have I been through some emotions! Speed-eating Maltesers had become a speciality, not any more.

I’ve managed to gain 2lb since I last weighed myself, some might be water, most of it is Maltesers(!) but there is still a loss of 1stone 3lb since January.

My new motivation has kicked off with a two-week trial of Aspire, a calorie-burning drink. I started on these yesterday and (a few burps aside, sorry) all is going well. I’m looking forward to seeing how they help me.


The last few weeks have been so horribly tense that I haven’t been relaxed enough to listen to the slimpods, again renewed motivation is stepping in from this week.

There is only one person who can change me and that is me. I started googling things like Lighter Life and Cambridge diets on Monday, before administering that proverbial kick-up-the-butt. With the summer holidays looming, I need a positive mindset for the children, they do not need a Mumma draining herself with a liquid-only diet.

So, that’s me, putting my hand up and saying “hello, I’m back and how is everyone?”.

The linky – if I’ve done it right – is below, please leave a comment/your post with how your week has gone. I am so grateful for the support over the last few weeks, it’s time to “pay it forward”.

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Anyway, that’s me, I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone’s week has been, thanks for reading and for the support Jx 😘


Celebrate the Royal Baby with a bun in the oven

I have fond memories of Belling cookers, when I moved into my first home the previous owners had left behind a little Belling. It did the job just fine until we could afford a larger cooker.

So, mix an impending Royal birth and a Belling and you get the following:

“British cooking brand Belling has created a special edition of its classic Baby Belling oven to celebrate the impending birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child.

To celebrate the forthcoming birth of the Royal Baby to Prince William and Catherine this July, heritage British cooking brand Belling has created a one-off special edition of its well-loved Baby Belling oven – the Royal Baby Belling.

Created in a choice of two traditional baby colours – Bouncing Baby Blue and Perfect in Pink – the special edition Royal Baby Belling has been created to satisfy and celebrate the country’s current state of baby-mania ahead of the Royal Baby’s birth. Belling is also offering a one-of-a-kind Royal Baby Belling oven as a unique commemorative item to a lucky winner who guesses the Royal Baby’s correct gender and birth date in a draw on its Facebook page.

Jane Rylands, Marketing Communications Manager at Belling, said: “The Baby Belling is the most iconic member of the Belling family and we wanted to help celebrate Prince William and Catherine’s joyous news – creating a special one-off edition of the Baby Belling is a fitting tribute to the newest member of the Royal family.

“As a heritage British brand of over 100 years, we’re thrilled to welcome Catherine and Prince William’s new arrival. Perhaps the Royal Baby Belling will be the first oven that the Royal Baby learns to cook on one day in the future!”

For the chance to win a unique Royal Baby Belling in a choice of Bouncing Baby Blue or Perfect in Pink, visit Belling’s Facebook page and guess the gender and birth date of the Royal Baby”



For media enquiries please contact Ali, Pip or Adrian at Umpf on 0800 4 102010 or email ali@umpf.co.uk; pip@umpf.co.uk or adrian@umpf.co.uk



Belling has been at the heart of British cooking for a century and now four generations of cooks have grown up with a Belling appliance in their kitchen. Established in 1912 by Charles Reginald Belling, Belling is now one of the UK’s best known and longest established cooking appliance brands, a reputation built on producing innovative yet affordable family-friendly appliances with mass market appeal.
Combining ‘family friendly’ with cutting edge technology is no mean feat, but in 2009 Belling led the way in induction, bringing the technology’s Faster, Smarter, Safer and Greener credentials to a much wider audience with the launch of a number of world firsts.

Made in Britain:
Today, Belling is proud to be part of the only major cooking appliance manufacturer still producing in the UK, making uniquely British products for British cooks. Belling products are made with pain-staking attention to detail and the factory is purposely split into small teams who work solely on just one product, carefully assembling each and every appliance from the ground up, by hand.

Good luck if you decide to enter, I’m torn between the two colours, my daughter would prefer the pink but I have a blue kitchen.

Preserving memories with “From you to me”

I sat with two sisters earlier this week, they looked over photos that one of them hadn’t seen before and they tried to work out between themselves who the subjects were and the circumstances.

It was bitter-sweet as both sisters had never known their maternal grandmother, she had died during childbirth, a week after the end of World War 1. Such an event had subsequently effected the surviving family and generations following that. They had never seen a photo of their maternal grandmother but presumed they had finally found a picture, an old greying picture showing her face.

There were so many unanswered questions, partly because their parents were long dead and partly because of circumstances and having lived through World War 2, their parents did not want to revisit painful memories.

Genealogy is something I am very interested in, simply because so little is known about my great-grandparents and their forefathers.

We are so lucky in this age of disclosure, social media and blogging. My children will have a permanent memento of their childhood, our wishes and hopes for them.

I was offered the chance to look through some journals produced by fromyoutome.com and found them to be a very useful tool in preparing memories for our children, and, hopefully in time, their children.

I was sent three journals to review, three wonderful hard-backed journals, full of questions and opportunities to find out about memories and experiences:


The first one we’ve looked at is Kicking off Memories:


Here’s what the website says:

Do you have a friend or member of your family who is mad about football?

Are they always telling you great stories about the games they have watched or the goals they have seen scored? Do they always have an opinion on the team that was picked or referees decision? Do you know why they support the teams they do or why they dislike others? What about the best goal that they scored themselves… have they told you the details and how did they celebrate scoring?

This is the gift you give … and then get it returned with an amazing collection of footballing experiences. Glorious goal celebrations, tears of joy and pain, and the drowning of sorrows will be enjoyably retold and shared.

Priced at £12.99, this is the perfect for the football fan in your life (ideal for Mr Bluecrisps!). Packed with questions like:
Who introduced you to football?
Which goals that you have seen scored would be in your top 10?
When having a “kick-around”, what have been some of the items you’ve used as goal posts?

T is really looking forward to reading his dad’s responses to these questions and I think it will prompt a few giggles and some great conversation. It’s something that T will be able to share with his children in time too.

Another one was Our Story for my daughter:


Here’s the website details:

Our Story will inspire you to capture the unique story of you and your daughter. Allow an enjoyable hour or two once a year to complete your journal – a great opportunity to reflect on your remarkable relationship.

Our Story helps you to record your amazing family experiences and unrepeatable moments – the growth development and personality of your daughter, your time together and your emotional journey – your hopes and dreams, the ups and downs and, above all, the incredible mother-daughter bond.

On your daughter’s 18th birthday she will receive this beautiful hand-written story, a priceless record of years together to be shared and treasured forever.

Priced at £19.99, it has a lovely illustrated cover, with the drawings carried on throughout the book, a perfect memento to complete and present to a daughter when she reaches 18.


And lastly, we’ve looked at Dear Dad, from you to me:


Here’s the website details:

Everyone has a story to tell… and have you ever wondered just how well you really know your Dad? Life is a fascinating journey and some aspects are often shared with others, however most stories and moments are never recorded.

This Journal is full of around 60 wonderful questions carefully designed to inspire every father to tell his personal story.

Celebrate your Dad’s amazing story and give him the opportunity to find that ‘book’ within him … and provide a priceless collection of experiences and memories to be treasured.

Priced at £12.99, this is available in the sketch design cover – as above – or a more traditional family tree cover. It is full of wonderfully original questions such as:

Who was your best friend as a teenager..and why?
Did you have an idol when you were young, tell me yours and why
What was my nickname before I was born or when I was young

Lovely questions that, again, are going to be fun to complete and thought-provoking.

The journals can all be personalised with photos and names, please allow ten working days. A lovely idea for a special birthday or anniversary, click here for details.

For the two sisters I sat with – my mum and my aunt – so many potential memories have been lost in time, with these journals I can ensure the same doesn’t happen for the Bluecrisps family.

Disclaimer: we were sent 3 journals for the purpose of this review, my thoughts and words are my own.